Windows/Office (WSUS) Update issues & experiences

Windows Update[German]Currently there are synchronization problems with WSUS. Furthermore, administrators run into issues during the update installation for Office and Windows, e.g. the error 0x8000ffff is thrown. Here again an overview or some experiences of a blog reader.

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Windows ALPC vulnerability (CVE-2018-8440) used in Exploit Kit

The ALPC vulnerability (CVE-2018-8440), which is present in all supported and unpatched Microsoft Windows versions, is now being exploited by the Metasploit Kit.

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Windows: Trouble with Updates KB3177467, KB4346084, KB41000347

[German]Here is a collection of potentially helpful information for administrators about installation issues related to microcode update KB4346084 (Windows 10 V1803) and the issue of missing Servicing Stack Update (SSU) for KB3177467 (Windows 7 SP1 and server counterparts). Microcode Update KB41000347 also breaks Overclocking on Haswell-E-CPUs.

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17763 the Final!

It’s just a rumor: Is the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17763 declared as a final for the upcoming Windows 10 October 2018 Update (Version 1809)? Here are what I know. Addendum: It’s confirmed.

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TAP: Wearable Keybord for VR Fans

What do VR fans do when they want to type a test? A keyboard doesn’t really exist in virtual reality, and if so, how do you type it? The solution is a ‘wearable keyboard’, i.e. a keyboard that can be strapped over your fingers.

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Tip: Delete Hyper-V VMs with a GUI tool

If you use Hyper-V on Windows, you can add, run, or remove guest operating systems from the Hypere-V administrative Console. More convenient would be a tool with GUI to delete VMs.

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The costs of a data breach

IBM Security and Ponemon Institute have released the 2018 Cost of Data Breach Study, based on conducted interviews with more than 2,200 IT, data protection, and compliance professionals from 477 companies that have experienced a data breach over the past 12 months.

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Information about Windows NTFS Alternative Data Streams

[German]Within my blog post Windows Explorer: Strange ZIP handling? the topic NTFS Alternative Data Streams has been briefly mentioned in connection with Windows. Since I haven’t covered this topic within my blog yet, and because the information isn’t generally known, I will take a look at NTFS ADS in this article.

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Windows Explorer: Strange ZIP handling?

[German]Windows Explorer supports the packing and unpacking of ZIP archive files. However, in Windows 7 to Windows 10 this function is probably implemented differently from what other tools do. This sometimes leads to ‘strange’ effects, which can be explained with some background knowledge.

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Firefox 62.0.2 released

MozillaMozilla’s developers released version 62.0.2 of the Firefox browser on September 21, 2018. This is a maintenance update which corrects some bugs and closes vulnerabilities.

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