WannaCry & Co.: EternalBlue Vulnerability Checker and Crysis Ransomware Decryptor

Security vendor ESET has published two tools allowing users to fight against ransomware attacks like WannaCry (WannaCryptor) or Crysis. The EternalBlue Vulnerability Checker and the Crysis .wallet/.onion Decryptor are available for free.

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Microsoft: Windows-Development now with Git & GVFS

[German]Microsoft announced on 05/24/2017 in a blog post The largest Git repo on the planet that it has completed the rollout of Git/GVFS to the Windows team. the Windows code base is approximately 3.5M files and the Git repo is about 300GB.  Further, the Windows team is about 4,000 engineers and the engineering system produces 1,760 daily “lab builds” across 440 branches in addition to thousands of pull request validation builds.

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#WannyCry: Use recovery tools to gain encrypted files?

[German]Users losing files due to WannaCry encryption may get their files back using a data recovery tool. That’s the message I received from a data recovery tool vendor.

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Security-Update KB982316 for Windows XP (May 2017)

Windows Update[German]Microsoft has (probably) released another security update (KB982316) for Windows XP to the public. Admins of systems running the unsupported Windows XP could install this update. But the whole thing is mysterious – the package contains only old stuff – and the update is available in English only (not installable on other languages).

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VMware Workstation Pro/Player version 12.5.6 released

VMwareVMware has released a maintenance update, shifting VMware Workstation and VMware Player to version 12.5.6.

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Windows 10 V1703: Start menu tiles missing

Some Windows 10 users are facing a strange problem after upgrading from Windows 10 1607 (Anniversary Update) to Windows 10 Version 1703 (Creators Update) – some start menu tiles are suddenly gone.

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WikiLeaks reveals CIA Windows Spyware Framework Athena

[German]WikiLeaks has leaked new documents in the Vault 7 series. These documents details some new CIA spyware framework, called Athena. 

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Expiring Links for OneDrive with Office 365 subscription

Microsoft has added quietly a new feature to OneDrive. Sharing files allows now to set an expiring date for the shared links. But this feature is only available for OneDrive for Business.

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WannaCry: Decrypting with WanaKiwi also for Windows 7

Partially good news for Window 7 users hidden by WannaCrypt ransomware. A decryptor for encrypted files, that can obtain the required key is available for Windows XP and Windows 7.

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Malwarebytes: Real time protection keeps turning off

[German]It seems that users of Malwarebytes security software was hidden by a strange issue. The real time protection keeps tuning off. An update shipped today seems to fixed the issue (till the next case).

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