Assign network level authentication w/o Group Policies

[German]How to assure, that authentication at network level is on in Windows, if no Group Policies are available (for instance in all Windows Home editions)? Here is a short advise.


In the days of a new network flaw discovered (see Critical update for Windows XP up to Windows 7 (May 2019)) users should ensure, that authentication is enabled at network level. This can be established also, if a Windows machine doesn't support group policies (which requires Windows Pro or Enterprise). SwiftOnSecurity has an advice on Twitter.

Translated for the Noobs: Just fire up Registry editor regedit.exe via Run as administrator, navigate to to the two Registry-Keys mentioned above and add the DWORD value UserAuthentication set to 1. HKLM stands for HKey_Local_Machine. A 2nd advice may be found here. (Thx @PhantomofMobile)

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