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Windows 10 Network bug in all versions, fix are planned

[German]Microsoft’s January 2019 updates are causing a network issue in all supported Windows 10 versions. A patch to correct the problem is expected in February 2019 or later. Here is some information about what is going on.

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Fix for the Windows 7 SMB network bug caused by Update KB4480970/KB4480960

[German]On January 12, 2019, Microsoft released a fix for affected Windows 7 systems to fix the issue caused by the January 2019 update when accessing network shares. 

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Windows 10 V1809: Network mapping broken

[German]Again another blog post about the endless topic ‘Network drive mapping doesn’t work in Windows 10’. Microsoft has now admitted in a blog post that mapping network drives is broken under Windows 10 V1809.

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SMBv1 FAQ and Windows networks

[German]For security reasons, Microsoft would like to retire the SMBv1 network protocol in Windows and recommends not to use it. In this article I have collected some information on this topic.

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Windows Server 2019 comes with full LEDBAT support

[German]Microsoft has announced the general availability of LEDBAT for the upcoming Windows Server 2019 version. But LEDBAT can already be used in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 optional in an experimental mode.

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Windows 10 Pro V1803: SMBv1 ‘special traps’

[German]If you depend on the SMBv1 network protocol, you need to pay special attention under Windows 10. Especially Windows 10 V1803 has its own specials regarding SMBv1.

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Windows 10 V1803: mstscax.dll and error 0x80071779

[German]Windows 10 April Update (V1803) seems to have several issues in the area of the network and RDP connections. It seams that no NIC adapter bindings for the network can be uninstalled via GUI. Also RDP and the file mstscax.dll … Continue reading

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Windows 10 Version 1803: Network environment empty

[German]Some users are facing an empty network environment and have problems accessing other shares, after upgrading to Windows 10 April Update (V1803). Here are a few hints what to do.

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Windows (Network) error 0x800704B3

[German]Occasionally Windows users (especially under Windows 10) are facing error 0x800704B3. This error may occur during update installation, during network access, etc. An installation is then aborted, for example. So let’s see, what’s behind this error code.

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Network issues with Updates KB4088875 / KB4088878

[German]Microsoft’s security updates KB4088875 and KB4088878 for Windows 7 SP1/Server 2008, released March 13, 2018, causes serious network issues with virtual network adapters. They lose their static IP address and are switched to DHCP address assignment.

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