McAfee Endpoint Security blocks Windows login

[German]Users of McAfee Endpoint Security 10.2 and earlier may have another issue. Endpoint Security blocks Windows logon. McAfee has confirmed that issue since a few days and provides workaround and fixes. 


Login blocked by Endpoint Security

McAfee has published KB91653 titled Unable to log on to Windows systems with Endpoint Security 10.2 (or earlier) after you apply Exploit Prevention content version 9418. Users cannot log on to Windows if Endpoint Security 10.2 (or earlier) is installed and the following is true:

  • Exploit prevention is enabled, and
  • the content version 9418 of Exploit Prevention is used.

However, the number of people affected is likely to be small, because according to Mc Afee, Endpoint Security 10.2 earlier versions have already dropped out of support since December 15, 2018 (End of Live, EOL).

McAfee offers a fix

Although Endpoint Security 10.2 is no longer supported, McAfee offers content version 9419 for Exploit Prevention. This was released on July 10, 2019 and fixes this issue. Because the systems can no longer be used due to the logon blocked by Endpoint Security, McAfee has therefore published a troubleshooting approach in the KB article. The article requires to boot into Safe Mode, delete some files and boot into normal mode. Then you should be able to update the content file for Exploit Prevention. Further details may be found within the KB article.

Addendum: I just recognized, has also an article, discussing this issue.

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