Windows 10 V1903: Install errors with Update KB4512508

[German]There are user reports that the update KB4512508 of August 13, 2019 for Windows 10 Version 1903 can lead to various error aborts during installation.


Sites like Bleeping Computer or Windows Latest reporting about several install issues with August 2019 updates. In the Microsoft Answers forum there is this thread, where someone gets the error code 0x80073701. Other users get the installation error 0x800f0982. And there is the error code 0x8024200D during installation.

Error codes 0x800F0982 and 0x8024200D

About the error codes 0x800F0982 and 0x8024200D I had published the blog post Windows Update ends with error 0x800f0982 / 0x8024200d. There was also the blog post Windows 10 V1903: Error 0x8024200D or 0x800F081F with update KB4512508.

  • The error code 0x8024200d stands for 'Need another download' in Windows. So there is something missing for the update installation of the respective KB package.
  • The update error 0x800f0982 makes it a bit more difficult. The error stands for PSFX_E_MATCHING_COMPONENT_NOT_FOUND and names a missing component there. The reason for the error in March 2019 was that certain installed Asian language packages could not be loaded correctly. Microsoft has documented this as a known issue and recommends that you uninstall or reinstall these language packages.
  • The error code 0x800f081f occurs if the installation media is damaged, unavailable or the user does not have the appropriate permissions for the files.

In the linked blog post you will find some hints what you can do to fix the problem. Also in this forum post and at you can find hints for a fix for error 0x800F0982. However, the repair script is tailored to the respective user and repairs the references to the missing components.

Error code 0x80073701

The error code 0x80073701 stands for ERROR_SXS_ASSEMBLY_MISSING. Error code 0x0x80073701 indicates a missing assembly in the .NET framework and has nothing to do with an incorrect update. I have handled the error in the German blog post Win 7 SP1-Fehler 0x80073701 (Assembly Missing). Maybe it will help those affected.

Addendum: The issues has been confirmed, see Windows 10 V1903: Update install error 0x80073701 confirmed.


Random restarts after update installation

Windows Latest also deals with so-called 'random boots' (random restarts of the operating system). A user describes these random reboots here.

In this comment a German user points out the immense memory requirements for update KB4512517 (Windows Server 2016). This needs approx. 10 GByte on the hard disk.

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