Windows 10 V1903: Red screen tint bug caused by Update KB4512941 or Lenovo Vantage app?

[German]The cumulative update KB4512941 for Windows 10 Version 1903 released on August 30, 2019 seems to cause display issues for some users (e.g. screenshots). The display is turned to a colored reddish (red screen tint), as in night mode, if screenshots are obtained – or without screenshots on some systems. For Lenovo devices it could be the Vantage app, but also graphics drivers were mentioned. Here is an overview, what I know so far. Addendum: It's the Vantage app, Microsoft confirmed the issue and Lenovo has provided a support article (see inside).


I hadn't noticed it, but I got the comment here (thanks for that) from a German blog reader, pointing to that issue.

Are night mode and screenshots collide?

The folks at MSPU has mentioned within an article, I was pointed to this German WinFuture article. A user reported, that he is plagued by a strange bug. When he tries to take a screenshot, the screen turns reddish/orange (like night in mode).

Red-Screen-Bug with Update KB4512941 Windows 10 V1903
(Source: MS Answers-Forum)

The user posted the above screenshot within the Microsoft Answers forum with am a description:

My screen turns red when I capture a screenshot.

My screen turns red when I capture a screenshot. How can I turn it off? I haven't changed any settings; yesterday it was fine. I tried using different snipping tools, and the regular PrtSc button. All red.

I have the night mode off, and everything else is regular.

As soon as he wants to make a screenshot using the print key, the display becomes reddish. Of course every observer would tap on the night mode, which forces exactly this behavior for the desktop display (should be more eye friendly). However, the user writes that he has not activated night mode at all.


The user had tested several screenshot programs, all with the same error. In this case the update of the graphic driver led to a correction of the error.

Wait, there is more

However, another user posted the screenshot shown below in the same thread. And he don't use a screenshot before the desktop went to that color.

Red-Screen-Bug with Update KB4512941 Windows 10 V1903
(Source: MS Answers-Forum)

The user gets this reddish / orange display right after logon without further action. This user has a Lenovo Yoga 710-14ISK with Intel Core i5 and Intel HD Graphics 520. His attempt to install a driver went wrong – the latest driver could not be installed.

It is probably an isolated problem caused by graphics drivers. At I came across a 2 year old post where someone got an Orange Screen of Dead (instead of a BSOD) because the graphics display spun.

Is Lenovo Vantage app to blame?

My German collegues at found another thread in Microsoft Answers forum, where an affected user reported similar issues. Due to serveral typos, this wasn't revealed within an ordinary internet search (I've amed the title of the post now). The Text in German says:

Windows 10 V1903: Screen color suddenly reddish/orange – Update KB4512941 / Lenovo Vantage app to blame?


I have a problem with the screen color …. immediately after switching on the screen lights up normally and after 2 seconds the color turns yellow

One user presumed, that the Lenovo Vantage app may cause this behavior. The app also contains something like a night mode. Lenovo devides are known to have issues with night mode. At least one user at has confirmed the Lenovo Vantage tool as the cause. A German blog reader confirmed here the same issue with a X380-YOGA. Addendum: I have now the feedback, that the Vantage app have to be blamed, update KB4512941 hasn't been installed on that machine. There is also a Frensh MS Answers forum thread about that issue.

Addendum: German blog reader Problembär dropped a comment, linking to this Lenovo forum post. The post described the issue – an update of the Vantage app seems to be responsible.

Question: Any of you who are affected? And if so, does uninstalling the update KB4512941 or adjusting the screen display in the Vantage app help?

Update KB4512941 has caused several issues, see links below. But if it's related to the Lenovo Vantage app, the update wouldn't be involved.

Microsoft confirmed it on 09/11/2019

The above text contains the most important information. But Microsoft had made an entry in the dashboard with Windows 10 status. On September 11, 2019 Microsoft confirmed the issue that has existed since September 5, 2019. At the same time the info comes that it is the Eye Care feature of the Lenovo Vantag app that is causing the issue. In the meantime Lenovo has published this support article which shows how to solve the issue.

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10 Responses to Windows 10 V1903: Red screen tint bug caused by Update KB4512941 or Lenovo Vantage app?

  1. Justin says:

    I am on Win 10 v1809 b17763.678 with Lenovo Vintage updated on 2019-08-07, and I am affected by this red screenshot issue.

    I am able to find this setting in Lenovo Vintage > Device > Display & Camera > Display > Daytime Color Temperature, and Reset Temperature to resolve this issue.

    It looks like Lenovo somehow set some default Daytime Color Temperature without telling the users, which causes this issue.

  2. Sam says:

    Thanks Justin – that worked for me on a Lenovo Yoga G3 w/ Windows 10…cheers

  3. Christian Tremblay says:

    Hello Guys,

    I can confirm that for me it's related to the Eye Care feature of Vantage. I turned off the Eye Care and my problem was solved.

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  5. Kevin says:

    Thank you! This was driving me crazy. Turning off Eye Care resolved the issue.

  6. Ryk Burnett says:

    Perfect – I uninstalled Lenovo Vantage (rght-click in teh Start Mennu and choose Uninstall) and boom, my screen was immediately brighter, whiter and generally better. Thanks for this post!

  7. frozenheal says:

    got this screenshot problem on desktop pc , on any place where i tried to make screenshot
    not related to lenovo at all

  8. Denver says:

    I have an Ideapad330 Lenovo. It immediately went back to normal as soon as I got to the Lenovo Vantage app, Hardware settings, Audio/Visual. Thankfully, I didn't need to click on anything. Hope this helps too.

  9. Joe says:

    I just update my Yoga X390 from Win 10 1809 to 1909 and it only started going dark red seconds after I logged in. Darker than the full warm Windows Nightlight. I realised it had to be a setting, not a driver as I happened log in to another account, which was fine.

    After lots of digging and turning everything off I finally stumbled across this article and Justin's comment I check in Vantage, adjusted the Eye Care Mode. I found the update must've triggered it to full. Once adjusted back to normal everything is fine.

    Thank you all for your help!

  10. Sharonm says:

    In my case the Lenovo Vantage app was the blame

  11. Mike Alando says:

    My screen suddenly developed this red hue about half an hour ago (I've only had this laptop for three days) so I googled frantically – "My Lenovo screen suddenly developed this red hue…" and it led me to this page. Continual mention of night light mode led me to check and sure enough I had turned on "Night Light" by mistake while turning off some annoying notification pop-ups (Phew!!)
    Thank you all so very much!! (I've been several months without a computer. Desperately need this for work)

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