Windows 10: Acronis 2020 bricks System Restore

[German]Windows 10 users who are upgrading to Acronis True Image 2020 may facing an unplesant bug. Suddenly the Windows System Restore is bricked and can't create restore points anymore.


Upgrade to Acronis True Image 2020 bricks system restore

German blog reader Gerhard F. contacted me last Thursday via mail and pointing to an issue he was facing in Windows 10 after upgrading to Acronis True Image 2020. He wasn't able to create a restore point in Windows System Restore anymore. Gerhard detected this immediately after the upgrade and wrote:

It's about the restore point in Win 10. I've had the problem before not being able creating a restore point.

He also had in the previous case the problem that he couldn't start Windows anymore. So he installed a backup created with Acronis and the system restore worked again. At that time, he was able to find the cause (missing filter driver entries). Now the error of a bricked system restore was back again. He wrote:

After updating to True Image 2020 I noticed that the system restore was not working again. Then I searched and found the [below mentioned] Acronis article. Since I didn't do anything else, it could only be due to this update. The two entries in the upper filter were missing.

Background: From the earlier mentioned case he knew the problem that in the filter driver entry for file accesses in the registry was broken. The entries volsnap and fltsrv were missing in the value UpperFilters. These value can be found in the registry under:


Without the correct  filter driver entries, the Writer cannot enter recovery points.


Note: This is a well know issue in ATI. After the upgrade to ATI 2019 the system recovery broke (see this forum post). For Acronis True Image 2020 there is this forum post, which deals with the error 'volsnap driver not found' during backup. Blog reader Gerhard wrote me that he hadn't tried to make a backup with ATI 2020, but assuming the same root cause.

Acronis lists the bug as fixed

Blog reader Gerhard send me a link to an Acronis Support article, dealing with release notes and fixes for Acronis True Image 2020 Update 2 for Windows, Build 22510, dated November 21, .2019. There is the following hint:

TI-174833 – During a backup operation, the error message "No Volsnap driver found" appears even though the Volsnap driver is present.

Acronis lists this error, which is due to missing filter driver entries, as fixed in build 22510 of ATI 2020 Update 2.

Manual check the filter driver entries

If you  still suffer from the issue after installing Acronis True Image 2020 Update 2 for Windows, Build 22510, you should check the registry entries. Gerhard restored the missing UpperFilters entry manually and told me afterwards that this fixed the problem.

What does the UpperFilters entry look like?

I found this Acronis support article when I did a quick search on the Internet. It deals with a backup problem caused by a missing volsnap entry in the UpperFilters value. It describes how the value in UpperFilters should look in Acronis True Image 2020.

Acronis UpperFilters-Eintrag
(Source: Acronis, Click to zoom)

The three entries must exist in the REG_MULTI_SZ value UpperFilters as shown in the screenshot above:


After that you should be able to create again restore points in Windows 10. Thanks to Gerhard for the tip.

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