Surface Pro 7/Laptop 3: Update causes 640 x 480 Mode issue

[German]A graphics driver update for the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and the Surface Laptop 3, dated January 30, 2020, causes some users to have a graphics resolution of only 640 x 480 pixels at the DisplayPort.


I found a tweet from Barb Bowman a few hours ago that draws attention to this bug. She wrote on Twitter:

In Microsoft Answers, an affected person describes the error pattern in this forum post as follows:

Monitor stuck on displayport with 640×480

Hi all.. Today after I updated my surface pro, my monitor is stuck in a 640×480 resolution. Which is no good with a 49 inch Samsung monitor. If I plug in the HDMI, it works, but, resolution is not that good like it was on the Displayport. Any tips or tricks to get it working again? For some reason it shows 'Flat Panel, 640×480' when using display port, but the samsung drivers when using HDMI.

I am using the surface dock as well. I tried the displayport of the monitor with other computers and it's working fine. Not with surface. Really need help with this one!

Since 2 February 2020, other users have confirmed this bug. And there is another forum thread in Microsoft Answers with such a bug description.

Surface Laptop 3 (Intel) issue with DP1.2 monitor after installing January 2020 updates

Just a heads up and if someone from Microsoft sees this maybe talk to the Surface team:

After installing the January 2020 driver and firmware updates for Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 (Intel), my machine detected my external monitor (Dell U2715H) as 640×480.

The connection is made from SL3 -> Lenovo USB-C Dock Gen 2 -> Displayport to Mini Displayport on the Dell U2715h.

The problem went away after I disabled DP1.2 on the Dell Monitor and the screen was detected with its native resolution of 2560×1440 again.

In this thread, too, other interested parties confirm this observation. An update has patched the graphics output on the DisplayPort.


Update from January 2020

Microsoft just updated its update history for Surface Pro 7 a few hours ago. Barb Bowman confirms in this tweet that there was an update for the devices.

In the update package of January 30, 2020, there was also an Intel(R) Iris(R) Plus Graphics – Display Adapters driver update to version, which could cause the problems. Anyone affected?

Addendum: See my new blog post Surface Pro 7/Laptop 3: Fix for 640 x 480 Mode update issue

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