Surface Pro 7/Laptop 3: Fix for 640 x 480 Mode update issue

Here is a workaround for the issue, caused by a driver update, that resulted for some users in a 640 x 480 Mode display.


The problem

A graphics driver update for the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and the Surface Laptop 3, dated January 30, 2020, causes some users to have a graphics resolution of only 640 x 480 pixels at the DisplayPort. I’ve addressed this within my blog post Surface Pro 7/Laptop 3: Update causes 640 x 480 Mode issue. The Intel ® IRIS® Plus Graphics driver has to be blamed.

Driver rollback
(Driver rollback blocked)

Unfortunately it’s not possible, to do a driver rollback, as you can see within the screenshot above. This has been discussed here at Microsoft Answers forum.

Some Workarounds

While the Surface support team didn’t provide a solution, some users mentioned, that uninstalling the driver and installing the older driver helped. User JWB1911 wrote:

I was able to find an old msi package for the surface drivers that included version. After completely deleting the device from device manager and uninstalling drivers.. rebooting, then installing the, my external monitors are working as expected.

The drivers are downloadable from the following links:


After downloading, the files within the .msi package has to be extracted using a command like:

msiexec /a c:\testfile.msi /qb TARGETDIR=c:\temp\test

Afterward it should be possible, to install the graphic drivers manually via the Update driver button in the device manager.

A German blog reader left a similar comment: He downloaded the Intel Iris Plus Graphics driver version He wrote:

Since the Surface devices do not allow installation using, for example, the installation medium of the normal Intel drivers from the website, the installation must be performed using the Snappy Driver Installer tool (

In the tool itself, select “Alternate Displays” under the Intel Iris Plus Graphics driver and search for and install the driver with the version mentioned above.

The blog reader has tested it with a Surface 7 Pro. He need to undock the device once, shut it down, disconnect the power supply and restart it completely. Afterwards, all connected displays are also correctly recognized.


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1 Response to Surface Pro 7/Laptop 3: Fix for 640 x 480 Mode update issue

  1. Lo Yuk Fai says:

    FWIW, I reverted back to an earlier version ( of the display driver without using the SDI tool, and now the external monitor is working through the Dock via DisplayPort again.

    Very frustrated with Microsoft’s inability to fix the issue in a reasonable timeframe and lack of responses/updates – Problem arose end-January/early-February, acknowledged in mid-March, remains unfixed as of writing which is more than 5-month.×480/fb4177e2-8c46-48b3-ae0e-168e9b86347b?page=14

    BTW, also tried the latest Intel driver (didn’t work) before reverting to the older version.


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