Windows 10 V1903/1909: Nag Screen ‘Let’s make Windows even better …’

[German]Just a brief information I picked up, after a blog reader contacted me . Redmond delights its users of Windows 10 V1903 and V1909 randomly with the nag screen 'Get Let's make Windows even better …' when they log in. Here a few information prepared.


Strange thing after the Windows V190x logon

German Blog reader Uwe O. contacted me a few days ago because of a strange observation. He writes about it: 

Does your Windows 10 welcomes you as friendly as shown here, when you log on?

Uwe addresses the following message (it's in German, see the English message below), shown as a nag screen using the full screen after login.

Windows 10 Nag-Screen

Shortly after I've posted the screen shot of the nag screen within my German blog, several blog readers confirmed, that they get the nag screen on a random base. At that time I still remembered something months agro, so I begun searching my old blog posts.

Some feedback a year ago

After I searched my blog, I found my German blog post Windows 10: Wenn das Marketing mal wieder zuschlägt from January 2019. Barb Bowman has reported an annoying behavior in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18312.


I had already responded to the tweet at the time and other users confirmed the behaviour. Jen Gentleman from Microsoft answered at that time and pointed out that the changes had already been announced in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17682. Especially spicy: Barb Bowman wrote that she already uses some of the 'introduced' features on her device.

If you have an extremely positive attitude towards Microsoft, you'll shrug the shoulders and possibly think: ' it's nice when Microsoft presents its great new Windows 10 features to users'. If we would had a perfect Windows 10 product, I would nonchalantly overlook that senseless marketing attempt. But with the current circumstances I would quote it as the ordinary marketing bullshit from Redmond. No value at all, no one needs it, no one won't that, but it nags users on a random base.

How to block the Nag Screen?

After mention the issue within my German blog post Windows: Patchday-Probleme März 2020?, the question arrose 'how to block this nag screen?'. The guy from German site pointed me to his Wiki with further hints.

1. Launch Regedit.exe in Windows 10 Version 1903 and navigate to the registry key below:


Create a 32 bit-DWORD value ScoobeSystemSettingEnabled and set it to 0. If you use Windows 10 1909 navigate to the registry key below.


Create a 32 bit-DWORD value SubscribedContent-310093Enabled anlegen and set it to 0. Then the nag screen should not be shown anymore for the current user.

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4 Responses to Windows 10 V1903/1909: Nag Screen ‘Let’s make Windows even better …’

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  2. Info says:

    In the 1909 version from the version (Build 18363.628) the registry entry does not work!

    It already exists before!

    The triggering of the display appears not only by "Windows-Update" packages but also by the update of Windows 10 standard apps!

  3. Yanta says:


    I clean install Windows 10 1909 with Internet disconnected so I can create a local account. I then run a setupcomplete script which sets the registry key as above.

    However, as soon as I connect to the imternet that nag screen shows up.

    Is there any other way to block it?

    • Info says:

      I don't think so – this is the future of Windows…

      Whether you open a local account or an account right away doesn't change the delivery and update of the standard Windows 10 apps from the Microsoft-Store (the ones you can't uninstall under Settings/APPs).

      An activated Windows has a unique ID in the Microsoft-Store even without an account! After that, your local APPs will be updated regularly, in the Store default setting. This has nothing to do with the updates via Settings/Windows-Update.

      [With every update installation of the Microsoft-Store, for Windows 10 Apps, Microsoft can bring this or other things to your computer at any time.]

      This is "Windows as a Service"…

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