KB4577062 blocks feature updates on Windows 10 V190x and 2004

[German]Short information for Windows 10 users regarding the Cumulative Preview Update KB4577062 dated September 16, 2020 and available for Windows 10 versions 1903 and 1909. If you have installed this update, you cannot currently upgrade to the Windows 10 May 2020 Update (version 2004). A bug blocks the installation of the feature update.


Update KB4577062 for Windows 10 Version 190x

Microsoft has released the optional preview update KB4577062 for Windows 10 Version 190x and the Server Pendant  on September 16, 2020. As far as I know there is no final patch – it should be available next Tuesday. In the KB article Microsoft lists the following highlights for this preview update.

  • Adds a notification to Internet Explorer 11 that informs users about the end of support for Adobe Flash in December 2020. For more information, see KB4581051.
  • Updates an issue that causes certain apps to go into an unwanted repair cycle. As a result, a user cannot use that app during that time.
  • Updates an issue that might display 4K high dynamic range (HDR) content darker than expected when you configure certain non-HDR systems for HDR Streaming. 
  • Updates an issue to reduce the likelihood of missing fonts. 
  • Updates an issue that causes a device to stop responding after you have been using a pen for several hours. 
  • Reduces distortions and aberrations in Windows Mixed Reality head-mounted displays (HMD).

The support article will then list a whole range of fixed bugs (see also Windows 10 V1809/190x: Preview Updates (September 16, 2020)), so that some users may have installed this preview for troubleshooting.

For Windows 10 version 1809, update KB4577069 has been released as preview.

Trouble with KB4577062

But if you install this optional preview update on your machines running Windows 10 V190x, you're in for trouble. Here a rough outline.

KB4577062 throws a compatibility warning

In the support article for update KB4577062 Microsoft has added an addendum to a known problem. The description is a bit confusing, because it doesn't make sense this way. Because there they says:

When updating to Windows 10, version 1903 or Windows 10, version 1909 from any previous version of Windows 10, you might receive a compatibility report dialog with "What needs your attention" at the top and the error, "Continuing with the installation of Windows will remove some optional features. You may need to add them back in Settings after the installation completes." You might receive this compatibility warning when LOCAL SYSTEM accounts are blocked in a firewall from accessing the internet via HTTP. This is caused by the Windows 10 Setup Dynamic Update (DU) being unable to download required packages.

I find this message confusing, because the system must be running Windows 10 version 190x to install the preview update for this version. I interpret this to mean that the error appears when installing update KB4577062 if the system was originally updated to 190x from an older Windows 10 build – but may be wrong.


Microsoft also writes that this compatibility warning may appear when LOCAL SYSTEM accounts are blocked by a firewall from accessing the Internet via HTTP. This is because the Dynamic Update (DU) for Windows 10 Setup is unable to download required packages. Microsoft suggests that you select the OK button to continue and ignore the warning. Or use the /compat IgnoreWarning command in the setup options (see also here).

KB4577062 blocks feature updates on Windows 10 2004

The colleagues of German sita deskmodder.de write here that readers reported the error also for feature upgrades to Windows 10 2004. There the feature update for Windows 10 2004 is suddenly listed as 'in preparation'. There is a hint at deskmodder to uninstall the update KB4577069 – but in the comments readers reported that this option is not available. In the comments at deskmodder forum there are more hints, but they might not always work. So it's better not to install update KB4577062 or reinstall Windows 10 version 190x from an ISO file. The following articles also deal with this update, which introduces an extension for robcopy and the display at the end of the Flash support for IE.

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