PowerToys 0.27 released

[German]Microsoft released version 0.27.0 of PowerToys for Windows 10 users on December 1, 2020. These tools are free and provide additional features for Windows 10, and the update brings improvements and bug fixes for each tool.


The PowerToys, what's that?

The PowerToys were free programs under Windows 95/98, with which certain Windows functions could be optimized or adapted. Inspired by the PowerToys project under Windows 95, some developers dared to reboot. This restart is supposed to offer power users possibilities to get more efficiency out of the Windows 10 shell and to adapt it for individual workflows. More information can be found in the blog post Windows 10: First Open Source PowerToys released

PowerToys settings UI.
(PowerToys Settings)

The PowerToys known from Windows 9x are also available in the version for Windows 10 Open Source and free of charge.

Version 0.27.0 released

The announcement of PowerToys Version 0.27.0 was made on December 1, 2020 on Twitter by developer Clint Rutkas – here is his tweet

Today we shipped #powerToys 0.27.0. We have done a lot of accessibility improvements, drastically improved multi-mon support in FancyZones, a more powerful Color Picker and wrapped up about 100 issues too.


The fixes and changes are documented on GitHub:



  • Installer improvements including dark mode
  • Large sums of accessibility issues fixed.
  • Worked on localization effort. If you find issues, please [make us aware so we can correct them][loc-bug].

Color Picker


  • Multi-monitor editor experience now drastically improved for discoverability.
  • Zones being forgotten on restart
  • Added in ability to have no layout

Image Resizer

  • Updated interface

PowerToys Run

  • Removed unused dependencies


  • Added Lookbehind support via Boost library

The installer and description can be found at the bottom of this GitHub page

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