Will February 2021 updates force Windows 10 machines into the pre-boot menu?

[German]Short question for the blog readership: have you encountered any cases these days where Windows 10 machines running version 1909 or later lapse into the pre-boot menu after booting? A blog reader confronted me with this problem.


German blog reader Hagen maintains various Windows 10 clients and servers in his enterprise environment. On February 17, 2020, he noticed that two machines from Lenovo suddenly stopped in the pre-boot menu after a reboot. To this he writes:

In my productive environment I have as of today [17.2.2021] two devices (Lenovo) of which I know that they start after the current Windows updates and the required reboot in the pre-boot menu.

At first moment I suspected the issue around KB4535680, but since the affected systems are through the January update cycle, I don't assume it. 

Are you aware of anything with the February updates? I can't find anything on that so far.

The issue around KB4535680 is the Bitlocker recovery key request at boot time on various HP systems. I had written something about this in the article Windows 10: KB4535680 may trigger a Bitlocker Recovery So the question: Has something similar happened to any of you and if so, has a cause been identified?

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