News about the printer issues (BSOD) after March 2021 update

[German]Microsoft has now confirmed the printing problems (partly BlueScreens) after installing the March 2021 security updates for Windows and is working on re-releases. In addition, there are some hints from blog readers on how they got the systems working again.


With the March 9, 2021 security updates, yes there are printer issues on Windows 7 through Windows 10. Depending on the Windows variant and environment, this ranges from not being able to print to BlueScreens when printing or calling applications from LibeOffice or Microsoft Office. I had summarized this in the blog post Windows 10 Updates KB5000802/KB5000808 causes BSOD when printing in win32kfull.sys – pulled? early. Meanwhile it is clear: Microsoft seems to be working on revisions of the updates, but they do not solve the problems everywhere. Here's a summary of some of the information – including from the comments in the post above.

Thanks to the readership for the numerous comments and also feedback (some via email). However, the onslaught yesterday with the blogs pushed me to the performance limits of the web server (doubling the number of visitors) and currently I'm struggling with caching issues that make my job as a blogger trickier (hence some things delayed).

Microsoft confirms printer issue

Microsoft has now confirmed to the printing issues with resulting blue sceens (BSOD) on the Windows 10 status page. Here is the notice for Windows 10 20H2.

After installing KB5000802, you might receive an APC_INDEX_MISMATCH error with a blue screen when attempting to print to certain printers in some apps.

Affected platforms:

  • Client: Windows 10, version 20H2; Windows 10, version 2004; Windows 10, version 1909; Windows 10, version 1809; Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019; Windows 10, version 1803
  • Server: Windows Server, version 20H2; Windows Server, version 2004; Windows Server, version 1909; Windows Server, version 1809; Windows Server 2019; Windows Server, version 1803

Next steps: We are presently investigating and will provide an update when more information is available.

However, it is now clear that at least all Windows 10 versions that have received March 2021 updates and where certain printer drivers are installed are affected. This can lead to crashes when launching LibreOffice or when working with Microsoft Office applications. Even saving PDFs and copying to Word or Excel, including pasting, triggers BlueScreens. Microsoft is investigating the problem. The KB articles now list the APC_INDEX_MISMATCH error, but I haven't found any action instructions yet.

Update: Rollout halted and re-releases

Based on reader feedback, the picture crystallizes that the rollout of the initial updates was halted shortly after release (whether anything was pulled back, as mentioned here, I haven't found officially confirmed. In the meantime, however, re-releases are being made again – as you can read from the follow-up comments to the comment linked above and other comments here.

The feedback from the readership that I have cross-read ranges from "it works for me" to "now I have BlueScreens again". I can't see a fix by Microsoft so far.


Which printers are affected?

In the first reports, Kyocery printers were generally mentioned as being affected, but other commercial brands and also HP devices were added. In the meantime, Kyocera's KX Printer Driver has crystallized as being affected.

KX Printer Driver (v.8.1.1109). BSOD: Stop code APC INDEX MISMATCH, error cause win32kfull.sys

It was then reported that uninstalling and reinstalling the printer drivers can help. For some this works, for some it does not. The cause seems to be the various driver variants and what is installed. Blog reader Bolko has written down an overview of the different driver variants from Kyocera in this German comment. It turns out that using the latest KX V4 driver (PCL 6/XL and XPS) helps. Bolko posted links to Kyocera in the above comment – and for Utax/Triump Adler (are probably Kyoceras) Thomas D wrote something here. Blog reader Chirstian Duda writes in this German comment:

Here is a solution to problems with Kyocera printers:

Microsoft automatically installs the KX driver and so does the Kyocera installer.
For newer printers, simply remove the KX driver and replace it with the PCL6 variant. The printer will then run immediately without problems, even with server-based printer queues.
For older printers Kyocera offers only the universal printer driver, which I had not tested yet.

Andi B. adds in this comment that he has problems with Outlook despite uninstalling the update and installing the KX V4 driver (printing mails in page view goes on strike). Stefan writes:

After extensive testing, the problem only occurs with Kyocera's in-house KX drivers.

The latest KX v4 (PCL6 / XL) driver from Kyocera works perfectly!
The old PCL 5/5c drivers also work without problems (SW only).

tested on several Windows 10 machines: 1909, 2004 & 20H2
tested on Kyocera P3055DN & various color devices (P3035cdn, M6235cidn, TaskAlfa 306ci etc…)

Driver download

Of course the PCL driver is "somewhat" limited by the settings, but I am curious how long Kyocera needs to bring out an update.

One user writes: XPS drivers from Kyocera [have] helped. PCL and KX drivers did not work. Daniel Boese writes in a comment:

we have found a temporary solution without having to tackle every single machine.

On the print server in the respective printer properties do not print via the spooler, but "route print jobs directly to the printer".

After that there is no BSOD, after the basic problem is solved, you can quickly change this centrally again.

All in all a confusing situation. But maybe it helps the admins to find the thread until Microsoft fixes the problem with a working update revision.

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