Windows 10: March 2021 update released again?

[German]It looks like the March 2021 updates for Windows 10, which have been revised several times and stopped at the weekend, have been re-released. Here's a bit of information on the subject.


I had already reported several times in the blog, what chaos Microsoft has caused with the cumulative Windows updates for March 2021 for some users. In the post Windows 10: March 2021 update chaos, rollout stopped again due to new issues? I had published the table below with the updates released in March 2021.

Windows 10 Version 9. March 2021 15. March 2021 18. March 2021
2004/20H2 KB5000802 KB5001567 KB5001649
1909 KB5000808 KB5001566 KB5001648
1809 KB5000822 KB5001568 KB5001638
1803 KB5000809 KB5001565 KB5001634
1703 KB5000812
1607 KB5000803 KB5001633
1507 KB5000807 KB5001631

Initially, the cumulative security update was released on patchday (9.3.2021) for all still supported OS versions. But then the difficulties started.

  • On March 15, 2021, the optional correction update followed for some Windows 10 versions, which was supposed to correct the bluescreen when printing the first updates.
  • However, the March 9 updates had already left a bug in Windows that caused problems when printing graphics. Therefore, a second fix update was rolled out as optional via Windows Update on March 18, 2021.

So it was three attempts to roll out fixes for vulnerabilities in Windows 10 via cumulative updates. Bye the was: The graphics printing issues hasn't been resolved 100%, according I received from a user. And even the third update on March 18, 2021 failed for many users during installation via Windows Update failed with error 0x80070541. And I got reports about new bluescreens, after installing the current update last Sunday.

Update stopped

In the blog post Windows 10: March 2021 update chaos, rollout stopped again due to new issues? I had suspected that the rollout of updates by Microsoft was stopped in the meantime. Some users reported that the update was no longer offered – and I noticed something similar. There was a similar observation with the March 9, 2021 updates.

Updates for 2004/20H2 released again?

Now it looks like the stopped update for Windows 10 from March 18, 2021 is released again. In this comment, German blog reader Scyllo states a few hours ago that the update KB5001649 was found again in an update search and could be installed successfully. Also German blog reader Hans T. just sent me the following mail:


Good morning Günter !

KB5001649 has appeared again on Windows Update for me. The download took a few seconds. During the installation the percent values ( 0%, 20%, 44% etc. ) stopped for a very long time, but it went on and on.

The installation finished without errors. After restarting the PC, the update KB5001567 disappeared without a trace. It was replaced by KB5001649.

It looks like there is a new rollout, and they have fixed the install error After installing KB5001649, Hans is now reported to be running version 20H2 (build 19042.870).

BTW: There are first reports that there are probably still bluescreens and graphic errors when printing.

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6 Responses to Windows 10: March 2021 update released again?

  1. EP says:

    the KB5001638 update for v1809 was also re-released thru windows update to fix the install errors as well

  2. Linda Savage says:

    After the update the Number Lock key light comes on and the key sticks. I am unable to use the keyboard to type anything… I have no option but to uninstall the update.

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