Windows 10: Microsoft confirms graphics printing issues after March 2021 updates

[German]I reported some graphics printing issues caused by March 2021 updates in Windows to Microsoft. Now Microsoft has just confirmed the errors in the printing of graphics that occur after the March 9, 2021 cumulative updates. Here's some information about them.


Windows printing issues after March 2021 Update

After installing the security updates from March 9, 2021 (and also from March 15, 2021) on Windows 10 (and older versions), users are facing printing issues. Depending on the Windows variant and environment, this ranges from no longer being able to print, to BlueScreens when printing or calling applications from LibeOffice or Microsoft Office. Microsoft itself has confirmed the problem and has released special updates to fix it on March 15, 2021 (see Windows 10: Out-of-band Update for Blue Screen printing bug).

But what has gone under the radar on many other websites: Since installing the March 9, 2021 security updates, users have been telling me about errors in graphics printing. This ranges from Dymo Labelwriter label printer printing only blank labels to white stripes, missing graphic parts, etc. when printing graphics.

Windows 10 March 2021 Update graphics issues

I had summarized these issues  in the blog post Windows 10: Still printing issues after update installation and escalated the English-language version to Microsoft via Twitter and as a community moderator within the Microsoft Answers forum

Microsoft confirms the issues

An anonymous German blog reader just reported in this comment (thanks for that) that Microsoft confirms the bugs gathered in my blog post. The Windows 10 Health status page states:


After installing updates released March 9, 2021 or March 15, 2021, you might get unexpected results when printing from some apps. Issues might include:

  • Elements of the document might print as solid black/color boxes or might be missing, including barcodes, QR codes, and graphics elements, such as logos.
  • Table lines might be missing. Other alignment or formatting issues might also be present.
  • Printing from some apps or to some printers might result in a blank page or label.

Affected platforms:

  • Client: Windows 10, version 20H2; Windows 10, version 2004; Windows 10, version 1909; Windows 10, version 1809; Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019; Windows 10, version 1803; Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2016; Windows 10, version 1607; Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB; Windows 8.1; Windows 7 SP1
  • Server: Windows Server, version 20H2; Windows Server, version 2004; Windows Server, version 1909; Windows Server, version 1809; Windows Server 2019; Windows Server, version 1803; Windows Server 2016; Windows Server 2012 R2; Windows Server 2012; Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1; Windows Server 2008 SP2

Next steps: We are working on a resolution and estimate a solution will be available in the coming days.

It is interesting that my hints in the blog post Windows 10: Still printing issues after update installation that Windows 8.1 and the server variants are also affected are confirmed (Windows 7 is out of support after all). So then it's a matter of waiting until the next fix for this problem comes out. 

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3 Responses to Windows 10: Microsoft confirms graphics printing issues after March 2021 updates

  1. Chris Pugson says:

    During the worst pandemic in a century, Microsoft continues to major on features at the expense of reliability. Home users especially need reliability in the probable absence of technical support but Nadella recklessly urges Microsoft to blunder on in apparent ignorance of the vital importance of reliability to its users.

    • guenni says:

      Thx, just released the first article – and an article about install issues is under way.

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