Windows 10: Update KB5001649 fails with install error 0x80070541 (March 18, 2021)

[German]As of 3/18/2021, Microsoft has released unscheduled updates to fix the Windows 10 graphics printing issue. However, update KB5001649 ends up with installation error 0x80070541 for some users. Here's some information on the issue.


Update KB5001649 for Windows 10 2004/20H2

First reader feedback reached me already tonight by mail. Guido B. wrote me the following text: I just received an optional update with the KB 5001649! I could not install it and found in the net these current entries:

What is "KB5001649"?? – Windows – Linus Tech Tips
Please Help Me!!!! Windows 10 Update KB5001649 Failed – Microsoft Community

On there is also this entry, which also shows a screenshot of the error message. There is feedback there that Microsoft is "working on a resolution and will provide updated bundles and refreshed media in the coming weeks" – whether this is a hoax, I don't know.

Error 0x80070541 with Update KB5001649  

Update KB500164 is an unscheduled update for Windows 10 version 2004/20H2 that is intended to fix the bug introduced with the March 9, 2021 security updates that prevents graphics from printing correctly. I addressed the update in the blog post Windows 10: Out-of-band Update for graphics printing bug (March 18, 2021).

Install error 0x80070541 at Update KB500164

The install error 0x80070541 occurs during the installation of the update KB5001649 via the update search in the settings page Windows Update. The error code 0x80070541 stands for ERROR_INVALID_GROUP_ATTRIBUTES – so something is broken there, but that doesn't really help. Comments left within my German blog indicating, that it's incompatibility with the March 2021 Servicing Stack Update (SSU) is the cause of the bug. It may be that the SSU KB5000858 from March 2021 is missing or no longer installed correctly due to all the special updates. The remedy is to install the updates manually, as described in various comments here on the blog. Here are the steps involved:


  • Download the SSU KB5001649 ( of March 18, 2021 from the Microsoft Update-Katalog, then let it install manually and reboot the system.
  • Then in the settings page go to Windows Update & Security -> Windows Update and let it check for updates. The faulty optional update should disappear.
  • Then download the update KB5001649 for Windows 10 Version 2004 and 20H2 from the Microsoft Update-Katalog, then let it install manually and reboot the system (see also this comment).

Administrators who are using WSUS and have imported the patch, read this German comment here. It looks like the update doesn't always install cleanly. Thanks to blog readers for the information – maybe it will help a bit. 

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4 Responses to Windows 10: Update KB5001649 fails with install error 0x80070541 (March 18, 2021)

  1. Chris Pugson says:

    Earlier update KB5001567 also posed a problem on installation. The process appeared to become stalled but following a forced restart, KB5001567 was revealed to be installed and the system was working as it should.

    In retrospect, I wonder if I have done the right thing to install it since all my Windows 10 systems were working and printing OK after doing the March cumulative update.

  2. wyxchari says:

    This is too much. I always update on the third Tuesday of each month (one week later than normal) and then pause the updates for 35 days (the maximum) until an alarm sounds on my mobile on the third Tuesday of the following month. We cannot be treated as beta testers when we are actually end users.

    • Steve says:

      ROFL ,Windows has done this since day 1 . Release a half assed product ,charge for it , then wait for the problems to be reported and fix SOME of them.

  3. Nicolas Monty says:

    I think I cant even force shut down since after the up date my computer screen is stuck on the opening screen of ny laptop and none if my power buttons onone of the lights to indicate charge or power is shining. So i am not sure what to do get a new PC or wait .

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