Windows 11: First Insider Preview Build 22000.51

Windows[German]As expected, Microsoft has released the first Insider Preview of Windows 11 for testers on June 28, 2021. Specifically, it is build 22000.51, which will be rolled out as a 64-bit version in various languages and SKUs for Windows Insiders. To get this build, the machine must officially meet both the minimum requirements and, most importantly, have been added to the Dev Channel of the Microsoft Windows Insider program before June 24, 2021.


The announcement of build 22000.51 for Windows Insiders was made on the Windows blog in this article, as can be seen from the following tweet

Windows 11: Erste Insider Preview Build 22000.51

Microsoft has already published the blog post Preparing for Insider Preview Builds of Windows 11 on June 24, 2021, which explains how users get into the Insider Program and what the hardware needs to do in order to test this new build. The whole thing is somehow extremely complex, and should be read in the relevant post if needed.

In the meantime, however, Redmond has partially relaxed the hardware requirements so that this build should also work with 7th generation processors. The blog post Update on Windows 11 minimum system requirements was published on June 28, 2021. There, Microsoft defends the partly very high requirements because they want to increase the security of the operating system.

This night, numerous insiders have complained (see these tweets), whose machines were not able to upgrade to the new Insider Build. Funnily enough, Surface owners are among them. Due to download errors, I was not able to download an executable copy with various tools during. Here I refer to the tweet of Albacore, who link to an ISO file in the meantime. 

Windows 11: What's new, and the bugs

In the blog post Announcing the first Insider Preview for Windows 11 Microsoft again extensively describes the innovations of the first Insider Preview of Windows 11. This correspond to what I already compiled days ago in the blog post Yes, Microsoft introduced Windows 11. The Insider blog post adds additional details about individual features, the Settings app, and setup. However, the list of known issues in build 22000.51 is still a long one:


  • When upgrading to Windows 11 from Windows 10 or when installing an update to Windows 11, some features may be deprecated or removed. See details here.
  • Taskbar:
    • Taskbar will not be shown across multiple monitors but will return in an upcoming build.
    • The preview window may not display the entire window when hovering over Task View on the taskbar.
  • Settings:
    • When upgrading a device with multiple user accounts to Windows 11, Settings will fail to launch.
    • A small set of Settings legacy pages as well as fit and finish bugs will be addressed in future releases.
    • The 'Power mode' setting does not show up on the Power & battery page.
    • When launching the Settings app, a brief green flash may appear.
    • When using Quick Settings to modify Accessibility settings, the settings UI may not save the selected state.
  • Start:
    • In some cases, you might be unable to enter text when using Search from Start or the taskbar. If you experience the issue, press Win + R on the keyboard to launch the Run dialog box, then close it.
    • We're working on fixing an issue that's preventing unpinning apps from Start, making the command bar in File Explorer disappear, or hiding snap. To work around these, restart your PC.
  • Search:
    • App icons in the Search panel may do not load, and instead appear as gray squares.
    • When hovering your mouse over the Search icon on the taskbar, the third recent search does not load and remains blank.
    • After clicking the Search icon taskbar, the Search panel may not open. If this occurs, restart the "Windows Explorer" process, and open the search panel again.
    • When you hover your mouse over the Search icon on the taskbar, recent searches may not be displayed. To work around the issue, restart your device.
    • Search panel might appear as black and not display any content below the search box.
  • Widgets:
    • System text scaling will scale all widgets proportionally and may result in cropped widgets.
    • Launching links from the widgets board may not invoke apps to the foreground.
    • When using screen reader/Narrator in widgets may not properly announce content
    • Widgets board may appear empty. To work around the issue, you can sign out and then sign back in again.
    • When using the Outlook client with a Microsoft account, Calendar, and To Do changes may not sync to the widgets in real time.
    • Widgets may be displayed in the wrong size on external monitors. If you encounter this, you can launch the widgets via touch or WIN + W shortcut on your actual device monitor first and then launch on your secondary monitors.
    • After adding multiple widgets quickly from the widgets settings, some of the widgets may not be visible on the board.
  • Store:
    • The install button might not be functional yet in some limited scenarios.
    • Rating and reviews are not available for some apps.

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Windows 11: First Insider Preview Build 22000.51

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