Edge 97.0.1072.55

Edge[German]Microsoft has updated to January 6, 2022 and the browser to version 97.0.1072.55. This is a new development branch, which brings some innovations, but also closes security holes. Here is a brief overview of what changes with the update.


Microsoft lists the release notes for Microsoft Edge and its security updates on this page. The release notes for the Edge browser contain the information that Edge 97.0.1072.55 fixes the following vulnerabilities.

A total of 29 security vulnerabilities are addressed. New features are announced in the release notes page for the stable channel. The numerous new features in Edge 97.0.1072.55 are described on this Microsoft page. Here is an excerpt:  

  • If multiple work or school accounts are logged in on a device, users are prompted to select an account from the account chooser to continue their visits to websites. In this release, users are prompted to allow Microsoft Edge to automatically log in to the websites with the work or school account that is logged in to the current profile. Users can turn this feature on and off in Settings > Profile Settings.
  • Adding support for Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on macOS. Microsoft Endpoint DLP policy enforcement will be available natively on macOS.
  • Automatic HTTPS. Users can switch navigation from HTTP to HTTPS on domains that support this more secure protocol. This support can also be configured to attempt delivery over HTTPS for all domains. Note: This feature is being rolled out in waves, so will not arrive immediately to all users.
  • Block WebSQL in third-party contexts. The use of the legacy WebSQL feature is blocked in third-party frames. The WebSQLInThirdPartyContextEnabled policy is available as an opt-out option until Microsoft Edge version 101. This change is taking place in the Chromium project, on which Microsoft Edge is based. For more information, see this Chrome platform status entry. 
  • Cites in Microsoft Edge. The new Citations feature, now visible in Microsoft Edge Preview, gives students a better way to manage and create citations while researching online. When Citations is enabled in Collections or Settings and More (Alt-F), Microsoft Edge automatically creates citations for students to use later so they can focus on their research. When they're done, they can easily compile these citations into a final paper.
  • Control Flow Guard (CFG). Microsoft Edge now supports more fine-grained protection by combating memory corruption vulnerabilities and protecting indirect invocations. CFG is only supported by Windows 8 and later.

There are some new group policies specifically for enterprise environments (an overview is also available here). More information about this and the above features can be found on this Microsoft page. The browser should be updated automatically, but can also be downloaded here.

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