Windows: Issues with Expired Updates, Print jobs hangs, Forced restart after driver install

Windows[German]Today a small collection of problems that have just come to my attention in the Windows environment. Windows 10 clients stumble across expired updates that cannot be installed because Microsoft has not removed them. Users are annoyed that Windows Update suddenly restarts their Windows 10 systems because a driver (HP Development Company, LP. system – was installed. And a case has come to my attention where print jobs remain in the print queue after printing under Windows Server 2019.


Trouble with expired update KB4586793

By chance, I came across the German Microsoft Answers forum thread Windows 10\Server — KB4586793 Abgelaufen, which I didn't want to keep from you. It's about installation crashes due to an expired update KB4586793. A user writes:

Hi all,

according to Microsoft, the security patch KB4586793 has expired and is no longer provided –> KB4586793.

Error message: Windows update "KB4586793" cannot be installed error "0x800f0982".

However, all of our endpoints on Windows 10 Pro still receive this package, as the KB still shows up under Microsoft Catalog. Unfortunately, I have tried contacting support in vain as they refer us to other departments. How can we block this package to prevent the installation procedure from starting over and over again?

Additionally, Microsoft should remove this package from the Microsoft Catalog. (Hope a Microsoft person is reading ^^)

dafür sorgen das dieser Paket aus dem Microsoft Catalog entfernt wird. (Hoffe ein Microsoft Mensch liest mit ^^)

This indicates that it is not a managed environment (WSUS, SCCM). I checked – the update from 07/11/2020 is still stuck in the Microsoft Update Catalog, so seems to be still on the update servers as well. Question: Any of you who are also affected by this issue. And if so, how do you prevent such expired updates from being offered for installation.

Print job is not deleted after printing

Another post on the Microsoft Answers forum is about print jobs not being deleted from the Windows Server 2019 print queue after printing. The person concerned writes in the Windows Server 2019 thread, after printing, the print job still remains in the queue:

Hello everyone and happy new year,

I have a problem regarding the above issue.

When I send out the print via a client, then the print job appears "sent to printer".

When I then print it, this print job still remains.

If I later go to the printer again and want to print something (without having sent a new print job) I can print the same print job as before again.

After an irregular time (sometimes 30min, sometimes 4 hours) this print job disappears.

Do you have any idea what could be the reason ? I have already searched the official Microsoft support pages :/

Off the top of my head I would have guessed a problem with the printer driver. There is a Microsoft support article Print Jobs Stay in Queue After Printing, which describes exactly this scenario. This behavior occurs when the Extended Job Status option is selected in the Print Manager. This option should be disabled on most printers. The support article contains step-by-step instructions for turning off the Advanced Job Status option.

Forced reboots due to HP driver installation

Forced reboots under Windows 10 when updates have been installed are a nuisance. Blog reader 1ST1 has left two comments here on the blog where he addresses a forced reboot because of the HP Development Company, LP. system driver – This comment states:


My personal notebook just did an almost forced reboot with Win 10 21H2 (all December patches are on it) via Windows Update Service, the most I could have done was postpone it until tonight. The following driver update came in:

HP Development Company, LP. system –

Details here. Fits so far, mine is from the HP X360 series and thus has the rotation sensor, which has always worked so far.

And in another comment he describes a second case of such a forced reboot under Windows 10:

How nice, thank you MS, thank you HP! Yesterday the Windows Update already installed a new position/acceleration sensor for me, there I could still react and save everything that was open, or I could have delayed it. Today it was different, standing private next to company device, suddenly the Windows update message popped up, and I could not react, because in Telko listening and at the same time still on a group policy and chatting with a third colleague, and meanwhile reboots suddenly my private notebook, and there were still two things open. :( Now I also have a "HP Inc. – HIDClass –" driver update. Why does this not work all at once.

Question: anyone else who has been force-fed in this regard? I still remember that Microsoft actually wanted to reduce these forced reboots under Windows 10 or postpone them to night times (see also Windows administrators get full control over driver and firmware updates).

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