Honda and Acura also had a Year 2K22 bug

[German]I've reported already about the Year 2K22 bug, which disturbed Microsoft Exchange or the Sonicwall E-Mail Security Application on 1/1/2022. But also owners of a Honda or an Acura are annoyed by this bug, because the time of the navigation system jumps to Jan. 1, 2002.


It's simply unbelievable: The so-called Year 2000 bug, which we all expected at the turn of the millennium, has – thanks to a lot of preparatory work – passed us by. There were hardly any problems. But bugs in software repeat themselves – and so it happened that on January 1, 2022, some administrators of Microsoft's Exchange servers as well as a Sonicwall e-mail security application rubbed their eyes in surprise. Nothing worked anymore because of a software error. I reported about it here in the blog – see links at the end of the article.

The Year 2K22 bug in navigation system

The colleagues from Bleeping Computer had reported it here the other day. The navis installed in cars from Honda and Acura fail the new date and jump back to the year 2002. Acura is a brand name used since 1986 by Japanese automaker Honda in North America and Hong Kong for premium and sporty models. In 2004, the brand was established in Mexico, in 2006 in the People's Republic of China, and in 2008 in Russia, though it was eliminated there in 2014.

But back to the error: on January 1, 2022, the navigation system's date display jumped back to January 1, 2002, with no easy way for vehicle owners to change it. The time then starts at 12:00, 2:00, 4:00, or other times based on the model or possibly the region where the vehicle is located. Here is one such a report:

2011 EX-L w/NAV Clock Issue

I have a 2011 Pilot EX-L w/NAV. Starting today 1/2/22 I've noticed the clock is one hour ahead. For instance now at 3:20PM my time, the clock shows 4:20PM. I've gone into settings to do a clock adjustment, and it always shows 12:00 as the time on the GPS screen. It lets me set it, but as soon as I press the center control to set it, the screen version of the clock resets to 12:00.
Turning off Time Zone Automatic and Daylight Automatic makes no difference. I have disconnected the battery cable for 5 minutes, and the clock quickly returns to one hour ahead.
My current system information is:
Database Area: United States
Database Version: 4.92
Software Version 2.01.01
Has anyone else encountered this? Would obtaining a new more up to date GPS disk perhaps help?

The reports of this Y2K22 bug by owners of Honda and Acura vehicles almost exclusively concern older vehicles, including Honda Pilot, Civic, Odyssey, CRV, Ridgeline, Odyssey, and Acura MDX, RDX, CSX and TL models. Within this forum post a garage owner claims to have received a solution from Honda.

Had three customers with this Problem today. Contacted Honda and got a solution for it. The new year somehow Messes with the system, Honda says that you should disconnect the battery at 12 45 pm and reconnect and Install everything as Close to 1 PM as possible. I can send you the exact instructions when im back at Work tomorrow.

I'm not so sure if this was a joke or not, the man hasn't contacted me for days. The colleagues of Bleeping Computer quote this user with a reply from Honda:


Hi everyone! Just spoke to Honda customer service today and got this reply

"Yes, we are so sorry for the issue you are experiencing with your vehicle. We have escalated the NAVI Clock Issue to our Engineering Team and they have informed us that you will experience issue from Jan 2022 thru August 2022 and then it will auto-correct. Please be assured that we will continue to monitor this and will advise you if a fix is available before that time. Thank you for being a loyal Honda customer.

In August 2022, this problem is supposed to resolve itself. I'll put it this way: Given these experiences, we can really look forward to the new cars that are now coming onto the market fully digitally (I already gave a foretaste in the article Software: Our Grave as Car Owners of the Future).

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