Microsoft Edge 101.0.1210.32

Edge[German]Microsoft has updated the Chromium Edge browser to version Edge 101.0.1210.32 as of April 28, 2022. It is a maintenance update that fixes the two vulnerabilities CVE-2022-29146 and CVE-2022-29147 (see also the release notes page for the new version). No idea if the bug mentioned in the post Chrome 101.0.4951.41 fixes 30 Vulnerabilities – but has a GPO bug is also present on Edge. The browser should update automatically, but can also be downloaded here.


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  1. Scheller says:

    unser ApexOne meckert heute rum:
    Virus/Malware: TROJ_FRS.VSNTE222
    Endpoint: xxxxxxxx
    Domain: Clients\Admin\
    File: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\101.0.1210.32\msedge_200_percent.pak
    Date/Time: 5/3/2022 11:21:35
    Result: Action required – Apex One detected a threat on an infected agent. Restart the endpoint to finish cleaning the security threat.

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