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[German]There are mixed opinions about the Microsoft accounts required for online services and Windows. If there are problems with the account, the user is locked out, especially if the account has been deactivated. Now a reader told me about a new case where he can't change the password because the confirmation mail is delivered too late.


I had reported here in the blog already frequently about problems with Microsoft accounts. Anyone who relies on a Microsoft account and gets it locked by Microsoft loses access to all services and possibly stored files or programs associated with the account. In January 2020, there was the post Neues-altes Problem: Gesperrte Microsoft-Konten within my German blog, where I had to address the problem, for example. It hit users who were suddenly faced with the fact that their Microsoft account was locked. Such a user is then digitally locked out and can't do anything – Microsoft support lets people out in the cold.

The account lock happens arbitrarily and without justification – you have no possibility to appeal and the support does not unlock the account again. The reason can be files on an online account (OneDrive) that are objected to by Microsoft, a missing phone number on a Skype account, etc. But today we are not talking about a locked account.

Password cannot be changed

German blog readerH. A. contacted me by email the days and described a problem he is facing related to his Microsoft account. He would like to change the password, but is unable to do so. Here is his description:

Hi Günter. As a loyal reader of the blog, I may have a Microsoft pose to report, regarding the Microsoft account. I've been trying to change my Microsoft account password for days. So far so good.

I can log in with the "old password" and then go to change password, and then it says that a security code was sent by mail. So far so good.

There were then a total of 6 security codes that were sent to me, only none has a validity, no matter which of the sent I have entered. Probably has to do with the "expiration date".

Only if I or at 18 clock request a code, and then comes in the morning at 4 o'clock, then the expired I say, and is then invalid. I have now tried at all times of the day and night only I do not get a valid security code to change my password.

It's not that bad because my old password remains valid, but I can't change it because Microsoft doesn't seem to be able to send a time-exact mail so that the security code isn't already expired by the time stamp when I receive the e-mail.

I have not yet encountered such a case. Whether there are also problems with the delivery of the security code by SMS, I can not say. Are there any similar experiences among the readership? Or are there any suggestions on how to avoid this?

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