June 2022 updates: Issues with RDP on Windows, BlackBerry UEM BSCP as cause?

Windows[German]After the release of the June 2022 security updates, there are increased reports that they are affecting remote desktop connections on Windows. The connection breaks down after a short time and seems to affect the entire network stack. The problem affects various Windows versions. At least the June 2022 updates have fixed the problem of RDP gateway roles disappearing.


RDP problems after June 2022 updates

I already briefly covered it in the blog post June 2022 Patchday issues (part 2): RDP, VPN, WLAN, hotspot connection and more.  Since the release of the June 2022 updates for Windows, users have been coming forward complaining about RDP issues. The first reports reached me as comments to the German blog post Patchday-Nachlese Juni 2022: Probleme mit Windows-Updates, Intel-Schwachstelle, Dokumentation.

  • Blog reader Christian reports this for Windows Server 2012 (presumably R2 is meant) and points out here that it could be due to the "Routing and Remote Access" role.
  • Blog reader Wort confirms in this comment that update KB5014738 affects RDP functionality on Windows Server 2012 R2. The remedy is to uninstall the update.  
  • Blog reader Andreas confirms the bug for Windows Server 2019 in this comment, and writes that there was a high percentage of "retransmitted segments" (performance indicator under TCPv4) cyclically about every 2-3 min. Then RDP also broke down and BlackBerry UEM services had problems. Generally, the clients could not establish a VPN connection. 

However, Andreas provides a good hint and wrote: The problem only occurred when the network adapter "BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus" was enabled. After uninstalling, everything works again without any problems.

In the English blog, some readers have also commented on the article June 2022 Patchday issues (part 2): RDP, VPN, WLAN, hotspot connection and more.

  • Dzuba: I faced the same issue – RDP has broken on a Win 2016 server with RRAS service after installing the June windows updates.
  • JDub: Similar RDP/RRAS issue as reported with KB5014692 (Server 2019). After install RDP works for <5 minutes then disconnects and won't reconnect. RRAS service would not start. Broke Always On VPN. Uninstalling update looks to have fixed.

All supported Windows Server versions are affected, as I read from various comments. However, there was also feedback from users who did not notice any of these problems.

Root Cause: BlackBerry BlackBerry UEM BSCP

German blog reader Uwe left this comment with a statement from BlackBerry, confirming issues with Juni 2022-Updates June 2022 updates from Microsoft for BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus (UEM BSCP):


BlackBerry UEM BSCP service causes loss of network connectivity after Windows cumulative updates from June 14th, 2022

Dear valued customer,

BlackBerry identified an issue that causes loss of network connectivity to the server (via RDP, websites, SQL etc.) after applying the Windows cumulative updates from June 14h, 2022.

Affected are the following patches:

  • Windows Server 2022 (KB5014678)
  • Windows Server 2019 (KB5014692)
  • Windows Server 2016 (KB5014702)
  • Windows Server 2012 (KB5014746)

There is currently no resolution available, BlackBerry is currently investigating the issue further.

As a workaround, the Windows update can be uninstalled …

This should then be the explanation for the observed RDP problems with some users

RDP gateway roles problem fixed

There have been problems with the Remote Desktop Gateway roles on Windows Servers for months – I had mentioned this in the blog post Windows Server: Open issues from March 2022 Updates (KB5011551, KB5011497). Susan Bradley got back to me and reported that this should be fixed. 

May 24, 2022—KB5014021 (OS Build 20348.740) Preview

Addresses an issue that might remove or end Remote Desktop server roles after installing a Windows update.

Now Roger Hungerbuehler has come forward with a comment to confirm that the KB5014021 cumulative update no longer corrupts the RD broker role or other RD features. They have tested this with a customer.  

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