Is Windows Update KB5015811 causing Exchange performance issues?

Exchange Logo[German]Quick poll to the administrators among the readership who are running a Microsoft Exchange on-premises installation on Windows Server 2019. Have you experienced any performance issues with Microsoft Exchange after installing the July 2022 update? I got a report from a blog reader who had to uninstall the security update.


Windows Update KB5015811

Cumulative update KB5015811 was released by Microsoft on July 12, 2022 for Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC as well as Windows Server 2019 LTSC. The patch addressed security vulnerabilities and fixed a PowerShell issue. Microsoft has not released a lot of information about this update (see Patchday: Windows 10-Updates (July 12, 2022)). Those interested in the details of the fixes are more likely to find answers in the cumulative preview update KB5014669.

Problems with Microsoft Exchange

In a private message, German blog reader Wolfgang P. contacted me on Facebook. He runs his Exchange Server 2019 as a DAG (Database Availability Group), but ran into nasty problems after the July 2022 patchday. Wolfgang wrote me the following:

Hell Günter,

maybe you could keep an eye on it:

My Exchange 2019 DAG suffered a massive performance loss after installing KB5015811. Forwarding mails of e.g. 3 MB size was acknowledged with a pop-up "Outlook is trying to retrieve data from the server". The process was then completed successfully, but took about 3 minutes.

Uninstalled said KB on all nodes and things are running normally again. Since I haven't found any posts about this yet, I wonder if it was just me?

The fact that uninstalling the July 2022 update KB5015811 fixes this performance issue is a clear indication that it is related to the patches. The question is: Has anyone else encountered something similar?

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5 Responses to Is Windows Update KB5015811 causing Exchange performance issues?

  1. reggie says:

    it was installed on our DHCP server and started acting erratically ending almost 50% of users unable to acquire IP, removing it and everyone able to connect ang obtain IP

  2. ander says:

    Even though I haven't noticed anything broken. All our 2019 AD Federation Servers are gradually consuming more memory up to the point that they need to be restarted after a week since this update was installed.

  3. Malli says:

    We have also facing the issues with WMI connection in SCCM server windows 2019 server

    After uninstall it worked,

    Do any one knows why it happening with this KB ?

    • guenni says:

      I haven't seen a similar case – and there are not other posts about issues within the Internet, beside my English/German blog posts – and a couple of comments from German users reporting other issues (for instance PowerShell performance issues).

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