Microsoft July 2022 Patchday issues (Windows, Office)

Update[German]As of July 12, 2022 (second Tuesday of the month, patchday at Microsoft), a number of security updates for Office and Windows have been released. The security updates also eliminate 84 vulnerabilities, one of which is 0-day. Unfortunately, there is some collateral damage to report as a result of these updates. I pull together some information in this post, what came under my eyes, or what may be open problems from previous patchdays and may have been fixed.


Access problems with KB5002121 and KB5002112

Access users have been experiencing issues with Access since July 2022 when a security fix – presumably for vulnerability CVE-2022-33632 causes problems. This affects click-to-run versions of Access from Office 365, as well as Office 2013/2016 when updates KB5002121 and KB5002112 are installed. The Access Runtime or Access applications throw errors when forms are involved and they are invoked at startup.

I addressed the issue in the blog post Office updates destroys Access run time and apps. There are now numerous comments from users (within the linked German editon of the blog post) there, also with workarounds. Microsoft has been informed in the meantime – I had informed them via a post in the MS Answers forum about the English blog post of mine – and are investigating the problem.

Windows Server 2019/2022 (DC) hungs

Regarding the German blog post Patchday: Windows 11/Server 2022-Updates (12. Juli 2022), there are some user comments about difficulties on Windows Server 2022 with the KB5015827 update, which can lead to hanging boot operations. In particular, hanging domain controllers after boot, following the update installation, have been reported. A case on Windows Server 2019 has been reported to me via Facebook, which I have posted in this comment on the blog.  

Printer problems after patchday

In the July 12, 2022 security updates for Windows 10, the printer interface was also patched (towards the PrintNightmare vulnerability). Here on the blog, several feedbacks from users reporting problems with printers have arrived at once. In this German comment thread, it appears that the problems relate to Lexmark printers. 

WilliWurm: Anyone else affected by problems with local USB printers after the patchday?
The Printernightmare has been tinkered with again… Some colleagues can only print hieroglyphics…

Deepy: Hello Willy,

have also got a few tickets with local Lexmark printers. Is it also Lexmark with you?

With us should probably help:
1. make printer powerless and start again
2. printer properties – connections – check the "USB…" box
3. if this is not enough, restart the computer and test again.

User WilliWurm confirmed that Lexmark printers are also affected among his users. In another comment Sebastian writes:  einem weiteren Kommentar schreibt Sebastian:


We have the problem with HP laser printers.
especially with the universal driver

printer is shown as offline
must then be deleted in the control panel and reinstalled, then it works again.

But this is not the case with all devices.
Both with devices that are plugged via USB or are connected via shares.

Had also a report, that Zebra printers hasn't been working after update. Pulling the USB-cable fixed that due to a forced driver install.

Other problems with Windows 10

Anisolated comment reported installation issues with WSUS where the process aborts with error 0x800f0988. But could be an isolated case related to their installation image.

Thomas reports problems  with the IKEv2 VPN connection here. It no longer allows logins to network drives. However, Thomas has suggested a workaround.

For administrators in corporate environments, the note that with the July 2022 updates, the search highlights will also be rolled out to clients in a domain (I had addressed the issue in the post Windows 10: Microsoft expands "search highlights" in search area (May 19, 2022), among others). On HP machines, there is a collision with HP Extensions (see Windows 10 21H2: Explorer /Taskbar issuses – a collision between Search Highlights and "HP Development Company, L.P. – Extension –").

The comment here says, update KB5015814 for Windows 11 appears to be causing some start menu problems for some Windows 11 users, according to recent reports from Betanews & Neowin.

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