Trouble with Lenovo BIOS update

[German]Users of Lenovo ThinkPads probably run into problems (booting, screen, etc.) due to BIOS or driver updates pushed onto the devices by Lenovo software. I'll summarize this as a hint to service providers who are confronted with the problem by customers.


A hint from a reader

German blog reader Sebastian alerte me about an issue that could affect users of Lenovo ThinkPad E15 G2 notebooks (thanks for that). Lenovo distributes updates for the devices via its own software, which sometimes lead to problems.

Good morning Günter,

currently there are problems with updates on Lenovo ThinkPad E15 G2 notebooks, which are pushed via the Lenovo software. For one customer it was a BIOS update on three devices, for another it was an update for USB-C.

Either the notebook stops during the boot process with the message "A system update is being installed." or the screen stays completely black and the fans spin up.

Since the notebook cannot be turned off (Inbuilt batteries), the only solution is to let the notebook's battery run down. This can take a few hours.

The problem as well as the "problem solution" was confirmed again today by the Lenovo hotline. They also recommended not to install any updates.

Sebastian still says "Maybe you have already received more news about this.", but I have to deny this. Even with a quick search I didn't find anything aside from the usual Lenovo support posts.

More complains at Lenovo forums

Later Sebastian informed me via this German comment, that there are more threads about this issue within the Lenovo user forums. This post reports a Black screen and a machine, that won't power off. This post reported a Touchpad update as a root cause for a broken machine.

E15 Gen2 Touchpad Update failed and now broken


a few hours ago I tried to update my laptops touchpad with the help of the Lenovo Service Bridge. I have the following model:

E15 Gen 2 (type 20T8, 20T9) Laptop (ThinkPad) – Type 20T9 (AMD) (Win 10)

So nearly at the end of the installation process the touchpad update failed and after that it stopped working. I tried a normal restart first, then another run of the installation program which will freeze at first and then it says: Please Check SMBus Channel and quits.

I tried deleting the driver of the ELAN Input Device for WDF (Seems to be the touchpad, because its the only input device with an exclamation mark in the device manager) in the device manager and let handle windows the reinstallation. Nothing changes.

After that I tried a fresh installation of windows 10 but it didn't resolved the issue, so I guess its some kind of firmware bug of the touchpad now.

How can I resolve this?

It was recommended to power down the machine for a few minutes, to overcome this issue. But the issue isn't solved till writing this blog post. There are additional threads here and here. Anybody else of you affected?

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