HP Pavilion Windows devices stutters (July 2022)

[German]I have come across reports of HP Pavilion 15 notebooks with Windows 10 suddenly stalling in operation. I'll summarize what I've had read – maybe there are people affected among the readers – otherwise as a hint to support engineers who are confronted with the issues by customers.


HP Pavilion 15 Notebook stutters an hungs

I came across this user report in the neowin.net forum the other day. There, the person concerned describes that an HP Pavilion 15-cs3075wm notebook, which is about 1 year old, has strange performance problems like stuttering, inconsistent clock rates, etc.

HP Laptop Stuttering and CPU Speed Fluctuation

My wife has had an HP Pavilion 15-cs3075wm laptop for a year or so now.  It has an Intel Core i7 1065G7 CPU and we've had some weird issues since we got it with performance such as stuttering, inconsistent clock speeds, etc.  It shipped with Windows 10, but right now it's running Debian Linux, but the issues have existed in both operating systems. She experienced them in Windows before switching, and I even re-installed Windows again to verify that it wasn't something specific to Linux.

Basically, the laptop seems to mostly run fine, but it will randomly take spells where it will just randomly start stuttering hard. Even Minecraft Java edition is basically unplayable because it'll be running great, and then just out of the blue it'll literally just freeze for like half a second, and once it starts it never really stops.  Even Stardew Valley has stutters, Slime Rancher, etc.

The user described what he has testet on the device, shipped with Windows 10, but is now running Debian Linux. The problems occur in both operating systems. Could be a device defect, but could also be a serial design flaw. But wait, there is more …

Another user report

German blog reader Ralph has read my German article and provided me with supplementary information by mail. Ralph wrote:

Hello Mr. Born,

I read your blog entry about stuttering HP systems and was pleased that this topic was picked up somewhere.

Since June, we have had problems with systems freezing/stuttering for short periods of time in our corporate environment with 20 HP systems of the type HP ProDesk 400 G5 Desktop Mini or HP ProDesk 400 G6 Desktop Mini.

The systems are all running Windows 10 21H2 and have all the latest updates as well as the drivers, firmware provided by HP.

The problem started with the installation in June of KBKB5014699. After uninstalling, all systems ran again with no problems.

This week the July update KB5015807 started to be distributed and the problems started again. Again, after uninstalling, systems and applications ran without problems.

Other HP systems like ZBooks have no problems with these updates.

Ralph also confirmed that he couldn't find anything about this issue on the web so far.

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