Windows 10 22H2: Already distributed via WSUS in August 2022; Clients no longer find updates

Windows[German]I got reports from a few people  complaining that their Windows 10 clients didn't get updates via WSUS in September 2022. Then it turned out that their clients were already upgraded to version 22H2 via WSUS in August 2022 via an enablement update. But this is a bit strange, because the Windows 10 2022 update, referred here as Windows 10 22H2, has not yet been officially released by Microsoft.


Windows 10 does not get any updates

It was some user comments left within my German blog, that got my attention – though I didn't notice the discrepancy at first. German blog reader Juergen wrote (I've translated it):

I am just wondering why we are not getting September patches for our Windows 10 22H2 clients via our WSUS. Does anyone perhaps have a tip about this?

I had come across something like this on, but I had only located it under "WSUS is not getting September updates for Windows 10". Then I got another request on Facebook and blog reader Sebastian A. confirmed the problem here.

We have the same problem. No updates for Windows 10 – 22H2 clients on WSUS. Do we know the cause yet? Workaround?

Should have caught my eye (but I missed it immediately, thought it was a typo and the readers was talking about Windows 10 21H2), Windows 10 version 22H2 has not been released by Microsoft yet (German blog reader Bernie mentioned it in this comment

Windows 10 22H2 mistakenly released for WSUS?

German blog reader Juergen wrote in a second comment, that he was it was explicitly talking about Windows 10 version 22H2. Here is his comment, which I have translated here:

No, no typo. It's really about 22H2 which was released by some "enable" patch (during the August patchday) (afterwards you are always smarter).

I also found out that this version is supposed to be released in November…

This made me look again in the mailing list. Someone there also writes that they don't get cumulative updates for September 2022 for version 22H2. 


Windows 10 22H2 released on WSUS?

I was offered KB5015684 – Feature Update to 22H2 via Enablement Package – to my 21H2 Windows 10 systems in WSUS, and I applied it to some development systems in August. Those systems are not seeing KB5017308 – September Cumulative or KB5017500 – .NET cumulative in WSUS. I was hoping that it was just delayed, but not so far. I can manually install both patches via DISM, but I would like WSUS to handle it. Is there a problem with 22H2? Anyone else seeing this?

So the confirmation that the feature update to Windows 10 version 22H2 in the form of update KB5015684 was offered (via the WSUS? or by direct update?)  used for the clients running Windows 10 version 21H2. Now the Windows 10 22H2 clients do not get the update KB5017308 (Cumulative September 2022 Update) or KB5017500 (Cumulative .NET Update) offered in WSUS (these are released only up to Windows 10 21H2, after all). I got several more reports as comments to my German sibling of this blog post.

In my opinion, the only thing left for those affected is to uninstall the enablement update KB5015684 on the clients. Then they are back on Windows 10 21H2 and the updates for Sept. 2022 should be pulled.

Sebastian A. wrote in an additional comment (which I've translated) about uninstalling the enhancement update:

Just to clarify: The clients with version 22H2 do not receive September updates because they are not present in WSUS at all. So it is a WSUS problem (release) and not a client side problem as one might quickly misunderstand.

Interesting is the fact that on various IT sites the release of the 22H2 update has been "confirmed or thematized". Say titles like "Microsoft secretly distributes 22H2" and similar.

Quote: "To date, Windows 10 version 22H2 has not been released by Microsoft."

I think withdrawing the update is exaggerated, should 22h2 really be released in October. Then we just install the October Cumulative Updates. The 22H2 update is not causing any noticeable problems so far, which is something to be thankful for.

Is it confirmed that the 21H2 updates can be installed? Is that also possible via PDQ and the like, or only via DISM?

It's a pretty mess – and I don't have a clue yet, what forced some Windows 10 clients – managed via WSUS – to install the enablement update.

Windows 10 Version 22H2 scheduled for October 2022

So far Windows 10 version 22H2 has not been released by Microsoft. EP pointed out here in the blog that there was an article Windows 10 22H2 is coming in October, Microsoft confirms at They took a close look at Microsoft's article on the release of Windows 11 22H2 and came across the following passage:

and we have announced that the next feature update to Windows 10, version 22H2, is coming next month, continuing to offer you both support and choice with Windows.

Bernie's assumption that Windows 10 22H2 will be released in November 2022 goes in the same direction – although according to the above statement it will more likely be released by the end of October 2022.

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  1. florent says:

    Same problem here.
    Difficult to identy and still wait for officiel 22H2

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