An exchanged computer locks users out of Microsoft OneDrive account and prevented to register MS Office..

[German]It's a rather crude case that German blog reader Thomas has just put "on the table" for me. There was a need to change the computer running Windows – I don't know the details. Following this action, the user found that he could no longer access his OneDrive account. Microsoft denies access. Even a registration from Microsoft is no longer possible, because the account is rejected.The user is now wondering where Microsoft once again "took a wrong turn" and whether this can have to do with a strange "security incident" a few days ago.


A few notes in advance. Blog reader Thomas B. has been known to me for years through email exchanges – he is an ex-MVP (like me) and has been in the IT business for 30 years. Information provided by Thomas to me have had substance in the past..

Locked out (OneDrive and registering Office)

As a rule, Windows users have an MIcrosoft account, through which they then also manage an Ondrive online storage, and fill it with sometimes more or less data, depending on their taste. This becomes a problem when the access to this Ondrive online storage is lost. I had already cases here in the blog, where this happened. The case that Thomas has now outlined to me by e-mail is even more crude.

Hello Günter,

this is probably a lot wrong.

I have changed the computer and now Microsoft is complaining that I log on with the wrong UPN.

This continues until the Office registration on a new computer.

Looks like they made a wrong turn.

Anyway, I can't log on to my OneDrive and register my Office on a new computer, no matter which of my UPNs I use.

Hopefully this has nothing to do with what I experienced the days, regarding the security incident, …. I had sent you a message about this …

Best regards,


The abbreviation UPN stands here for User Principal Names, which can be configured and used in the Kerberos authentication system (e.g. Microsof's Active Directory) as an alias for the realm-based user name. The UPNs allow, for example, more convenient logon to Windows computers and servers even under one user name. The UPN resembles an e-mail address (e.g. michael @ examplecompany.xy, i.e. name and after the @ sign a domain name). These UPNs are entered in the Active Directory administration under the properties of "Active Directory domains and trusts".

OneDrive Error 0x8004de35
OneDrive Error 0x8004de35

If Thomas tries to log in to Microsoft OneDrive, it is rejected with the above dialog. Microsoft claims within the dialog box text that the account that is currently being used to log in does not match the synchronization account. It asks for a password – but that probably doesn't get you anywhere at this point.


The process is rejected by OneDrive with an Error 0x8004de35. However, a quick search didn't find any information on this specific error code. Microsoft has published the article Error Code 0x8004de40 or 0x8004de88 when signing in to OneDrive. But the error number does not appear in the document. The error code 0x8004de25 described here does not fit either. When searching with Bing or Google or on the error is not reported as a hit.

The only thing Microsoft still allows is to add a "different account" for OneDrive access. But this approach doesn't really help the user.

Thomas mentioned a security incident within the text above. He has told me, that he got an alert, that a 3rd party attempted to login into his Microsoft account a couple of days ago, but wasn't susscessful.

Solution in the above case

Thomas was able to solve his problem as he wrote: I had to log out everywhere with the 'wrong' UPN and log in with the other UPN. But it is strange why this is not transparent. Because in an AD this would work fine, like in mine. There I have these different UPN like in my Microsoft account.

Thomas has the impression that it has been classified more critically at Microsoft, perhaps due to the above security incident. Addendum: It seems, that mixed private and business accounts was responsible for this issue. I've written an addendum within my German article with several hints about pitfalls and cliffs.

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