FSLogix v2210: Bugs, bugs, it's terribad"

Stop - Pixabay[German]Do you experience 20-minute Windows sessions hangups when logging in? Or do the apps (Outlook, OneDrive) request a logon to the respective services for each session (e.g. daily)? Are you using Microsoft's FSLogix in the Windows environment? Then check if version 2210 is installed and go back to the previous build. The update to FSLogix version 2210 is buggy as dog.


I had already reported issues with FSLogix build 2210 here on the blog in various articles on Windows and Microsoft 365. After coming across the issue again via the patchlist.org mailing list, I'm pulling the issue out again separately.

Bugs in Microsofts FSLogix v2210

In a post at patchlist.org somebody pointed out the reddit.com thread Latest version of FSLogix is awful , where a user brings up the issue and reports the following.

We've had one customer in particular who has really been battered by this latest version..

The initial issues were users weren't able to login/out properly with sessions just hanging for 30 mins at a time. This turned out to be some new features that FSLogix had turned on by default, mostly the one where they attempt to roam the recycle bin. Turning off this feature seemed to sort this issue.

Now the same customer are experiencing an issue where users have to log in to office apps each time they load a new session. This is explained in the following article: Known Issues – FSLogix | Microsoft Learn

I have been speaking to Microsoft about this (who have been awful, by the way!) and they have indicated to me that they are unsure whether this is going to be fixe din later versions, as this was implemented as a security feature.

Has anyone else had any communication with Microsoft over whether this is expected to be fixed etc?

I guess I wanted to post this to rant a bit but also to ask if anyone else has had these issues, and has any helpful response from MS. The only thing we can seem to do at the moment is roll back to the previous version of FSLogix.

Hopefully this post will help someone too.

Other users confirm these problems. One administrator also mentions that VHDX files are not released when logging off. One calls the new FSLogix version "Its terribad!" and says that Microsoft no longer knows its own products.

Article here in the blog

I myself had mentioned two bugs in FSLogix version 2210 here in the blog in a different context as the cause of problems in the following posts:

In both articles FSLogix V2210 could be named or identified as the cause (partly afterwards). The workaround is to roll back to the previous version.


In this reddit.com post a user gives a workaround, you can disable RoamRecycleBin in FXLogic via group policy or via registry entry. Then at least the long login times should be gone. But in a comment a user wrote me that it didn't help.

What is FXLogix?

FSLogix extends and activates user profiles in Windows remote computing environments. FSLogix can also be used to create more portable remote sessions when using physical devices.

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