Trend Micro Endpoint UMH component collides with Windows April 2023 updates

Windows[German]As of April 11, 2023, Microsoft has released a slew of security updates for the still-supported versions of Windows, some of which address critical vulnerabilities. Administrators and users running Trend Micro Endpoint on Windows need to be wary of the April 2023 updates. The vendor has confirmed an issue that its antivirus solution is not compatible with the April 2023 updates for Windows and there are issues.


Trend Micro has issued a related support article Trend Micro Endpoint Issue with Microsoft Windows April 2023 on the issue (thanks to reader for the tip). According to the document, Trend Micro has identified a compatibility issue between the User Mode Hooking (UMH) component of several Trend Micro endpoint solutions and the recently released Microsoft Windows monthly security updates (April 2023).

The background: The UMH component is used by several Trend Micro endpoint and server protection products and is responsible for some advanced features such as ransomware protection.

Customers using these products experience corresponding issues after installing the Windows April 2023 security updates released by Microsoft. The issue affects all versions of Windows with April 2023 security updates installed, with the following exceptions. Not affected are therefore:

  • Windows 11 22H2
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows 10 1809 (64-bit)
  • Windows 10 (RTM) (32-bit)

Trend Micro is currently working to address this issue with an updated UMH pattern and has tentatively scheduled updates to April 24, 2023 (the details can be found in the support document).

Trend Micro customers using their product's advanced ransomware protection options are advised to temporarily suspend updating Windows Security patches until the new UMH patterns are available. Has security implications, of course, as this leaves open vulnerabilities closed with the April 2023 patchday that are already being exploited. Customers who have already installed the monthly Windows security patch can either temporarily uninstall the security update or should contact Trend Micro Support for further assistance.

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