Edge 117.0.2045.31 and 109.0.1518.140 released (Sept. 15, 2023)

Edge[German]Microsoft has updated the Edge browser in the stable channel to version 117.0.2045.31 as of September 15, 2023 (thanks to readers for the tips). This branch brings some new features to Edge for Business. At the same time, Edge 109.0.1518.140 was released on this date to close the critical CVE-2023-4863 vulnerability in older systems running Windows 7 SP1- and Windows Server 2012 R2.


Edge 117.0.2045.31

As of September 15, 2023, Microsoft has updated the Edge browser to version 117.0.2045.31. The release notes state: "Fixed various bugs and performance issues for the stable version".

Edge for Business

At the same time, Microsoft Edge for Business was announced for unmanaged BYOPC (Bring your own PC) systems. Unmanaged in this context probably means: No updates via WSUS. This is a specially developed variant of Microsoft Edge for professional use, which enables administrators in companies to provide users with a productive and secure work browser.

This Browser is now available for unmanaged Windows devices (BYOPC) with Microsoft Intune Mobile Application Management (MAM) in business environments. This release includes the supporting changes for Microsoft Edge, Microsoft writes in the release notes. However, this browser is only supported on Windows 11, build 10.0.22621 (22H2) or later versions, and requires Microsoft Intune 2309 or higher to manage. What else is relevant can be found in the release notes.

New policies and features

In the release notes, Microsoft has on the one hand discontinued the "Unload" event in the browser for upcoming versions (will be disabled starting with Chrome 118). On the other hand, some new features like Microsoft Edge for Business banner, Microsoft Edge Sync Favorites Recovery etc. are announced. In addition, there are some new group policies with the new 117 version.

Edge 109.0.1518.140

As of September 15, 2023, Microsoft has updated the Edge browser in the 109 development branch to version 109.0.1518.140. The release notes state that this update is delivered for our extended support for M109 in Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 (including Server 2012 R2, which is based on Windows 8.1). The security advisory says it closes the critical vulnerability CVE-2023-4863 (this has already been closed days ago in Chrome and Edge 116.0.1938.81).


I had pointed out the implications in the context of WSUS in the blog post WSUS to offer Edge V 109 as an update (Sept. 14, 2023) hingewiesen.

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One Response to Edge 117.0.2045.31 and 109.0.1518.140 released (Sept. 15, 2023)

  1. aim says:

    On a related note, has anyone been able to update Google Chrome version 109 through the auto-updater? According to Google, they said they would continue to release "critical security fixes and fixes for bugs where Google is aware of exploits in the wild" through October 10, 2023.


    A few days ago, Google posted an update to version 109 was available:


    But when I tried to update Google Chrome version 109 installed on Server 2012 R2, Chrome's updater give this message:

    "To get future Google Chrome updates, you'll need Windows 10 or later. This computer is using Windows 8.1."

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