Windows Server 2019 OOB update KB5039705: Fails on Citrix with error 0x8007371B

Windows[German]In mid-May 2024, Microsoft released the out-of-band update KB5039705 for Windows Server 2019, which is intended to correct the installation error 0x800f0982 of the security update KB5037765 from May 2024 on systems with a non-English language pack. However, administrators in a Citrix environment run into the problem that update KB5039705 fails with installation error 0x8007371b. However, there is a solution that can be used to try and resolve the problem.


Out-of-band update KB5039705

Cumulative update KB5037765, released on May 14, 2024, fails during installation on non-English-speaking Windows Server 2019 instances with error 0x800f0982. The reason for this was that the language pack en-us, which was required for installation, was missing. Systems that contained the language pack usually allowed the installation of update KB5037765. Microsoft then withdrew the security update from May 14, 2024.

Microsoft then released the out-of-band update KB5039705 on May 23, 2024 to fix the above installation problem with the KB5037765 update to Windows Server 2019. However, this update caused further issues on some systems, and I wrote about this in the article Windows Server 2019: Install errors with out-of-band update KB5039705 from May 23, 2024.

Citrix: Update KB5039705 fails with 0x8007371B

As early as May 24, 2024, blog reader Horst reported in this German comment that the out-of-band update KB5039705 fails during installation in a Windows Server 2019 RDS environment with Citrix VDA 1912 and reports the installation error 0x8007371B. Other readers confirm this problem in the Citrix environment.

Here in the blog there is this comment from a user who has the installation error 0x8007371b in connection with the RDS environment. He was able to find out that it depends on the installed RDS role. If he uninstalls the RDS role, he can install the update, but then the RDS role is no longer installed, the installation error 0x8007371B is also reported there.

On there is this thread with corresponding confirmations of the error. Another source is this post at Microsoft Q&A.


A workaround for the error

German blog reader MOM20xx then posted this comment (thanks for that). After analyzing the cbs.log file he found the clue to the cause of the installation error. There the error:


pointing to a file edgehtmlpolicy.bin that's port of the following component:


that's missing in folder C:\Windows\WinSxS.

The fix is to copy the folder of this component with version .1 from another "good" Windows Server 2019 to the folder C:\Windows\WinSxS of the failing system. Then set the permissions accordingly. In a further step, use the registry editor (requires administrative permissions) to navigate to the key:


Set the default value to version .1 and delete all other entries with higher version numbers. he installation should now go through on the next installation attempt. The source for this workaround can be found in the article Windows: Windows Update error STATUS_SXS_TRANSACTION_CLOSURE_INCOMPLETE from Michls Tech Blog, although the article is from 2019.

The exact package names that are to be copied and permitted via the registration entry may vary (this is probably indicated by the * in the above entry). Jiri Bergman has named a package with its full name in this comment. Blog reader MOM20xx wrote that after the installation and a reboot, he ran a system repair for Windows Server 2019 using the following instructions.

DISM /cleanup-image /online /scanhealth
DISM /cleanup-image /online /checkhealth
DISM /cleanup-image /online /analyzecomponentstore und
DISM /cleanup-image /online/startcomponentcleanup /resetbase gemacht

However, there are now several confirmations that the repair approach has probably worked. Perhaps it will help.

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8 Responses to Windows Server 2019 OOB update KB5039705: Fails on Citrix with error 0x8007371B

  1. EP says:

    hit guenni.

    the fix for "microsoft-Windows-w..formplugins*" should also work for both 32bit & 64bit Win10 LTSC 2019 v1809 systems as well as OOB update KB5039705 fails with with error 0x8007371B on LTSC 2019 & not just Server 2019

    • EP says:

      follow up: KB5037765 also fails with error 0x8007371B as well and copying version 17763.1 of the amd64_microsoft-Windows-w..formplugins* component to the \Windows\WinSxS folder AND adding the necessary registry entries to version 17763.1 of the amd64_microsoft-Windows-w..formplugins* component allows KB5037765 and KB5039705 to install successfully.

  2. Frank says:


    all what i have done was edit the follow key from "10.0." to "1"

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SideBySide\Winners\amd64_microsoft-Windows-w..formplugins_31Bf3856ad364e35_none _c84b413f649738e3

    and then delete all other Keys like "amd64_microsoft-Windows-w..formplugins*"

    after that all update was install fine

    Greetings from Cologne Germany

    • EP says:

      actually it's "amd64_microsoft-Windows-w..form-pluginpolicies"

      if there is no "good" copy of Windows Server 2019 available on the affected Server systems, retrieve & extract 17763.1 of the "amd64_microsoft-Windows-w..form-pluginpolicies" component files from the install.wim file of the Server 2019 or LTSC 2019 ISO installation media and copy them onto the C:\Windows\WinSxS folder in SAFE MODE (normally the contents of the WinSxS folder cannot be modified in "normal mode" and I'm denied copying those missing component files onto WinSxS, so I had to boot into "safe mode" and then launching Sordum's PowerRun app to run any 3rd party file manager app like explorer++ or the microsoft winfile app from github with either System or TrustedInstaller privileges to do the actual copying).

      then I make the necessary registry changes and then retry the KB5039705 update and it went through without problem

      btw, the Server 2019 ISO media can be downloaded either from the MS Evaluation center or the full Server 2019 (non-eval) ISO media can be obtained from the VLSC

  3. Cramy says:


    It is the same for Terminal Serveur Windows Serveur 2019 (10.0.17763.xx). I have 3 of them!
    Thanks a lot for the hint

    (My missing folder is: amd64_microsoft-windows-w..form-pluginpolicies_31bf3856ad364e35_10.0.17763.1_none_fe2052c317c5f161)

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  5. Nathan Howgego says:

    Hello Guenni,
    Many thanks for the article , I too had this issue on our Win 2019 Citrix VDA servers also running MS RDS feature. (required for our Citrix config.)
    The fix for me was simple finding the offending SxS in Registry , backing up the reg key and changing the Default value to .1 and deleting the other keys as suggested.

    In my case it was the folder : \amd64_microsoft-Windows-w..form-plugins…

    Citrix were unaware of the issue when I raised it and are yet to provide any other solution to remedy this CVSS 8.8 on all the template and clone servers.


  6. espen says:


    I had the same problem installing the KB5039705, in a Citrix AppLayer – OS Layer, on Windows 2019 serveren.
    Channing this default value from 10.0 to 1, and then run the windows update, and every thing seams to work:

    Noe need to copy or replays anything in the WinSxS.
    Tanks for the hints.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I had this issue with the 2024-05 cumulative for server 2019 KB5037765 (and the out-of-band re-release KB5039705) on Windows Server 2019 with the RDS role installed, but now (at least on one server), KB5039217 (released today) installed fine without doing any workarounds.

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