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TeamViewer: Patch closes vulnerability CVE-2020-13699 on PC

[German]There was a vulnerability in older versions of the TeamViewer remote access software. This allowed third parties to establish a connection to the respective PC unnoticed. The vulnerability has been fixed by a patch. Advertising

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Teamviewer: Service disruption and changes for private use

[German]Today (March 23, and 24, 2020) we have had some service disruption with remote software Teamviewer. Maybe a technical issue at the server infrastructure due to a heavy load with home office use during Corona crisis. Or a consequence of … Continue reading

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Teamviewer reports wrongly commercial use

[German]The Teamviewer may be used free of charge in a private environment. Apparently, however, there are always false alarms claiming commercial use and the software is then blocked, although users are running Teamviewer for private purposes. Advertising

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Cyber attack on TeamViewer in 2016, Chinese suspected

[German]German developers of remote service software TeamViewer has been victim of a cyber attack in 2016. The company has confirmed this to German magazine Spiegel. However, this hack was not made public by the company. Why not? Here are some … Continue reading

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TeamViewer: Vulnerability allows permission changes

[German]The TeamViewer software, commonly used to remotely control computers, has a security vulnerability. This allows attackers to hijack a session and attack the target computer. A patch is available. Advertising

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