Windows 10: Update error 0x8024401c

[German]Some Windows 10 users get the error code 0x8024401c when installing updates via Windows Update. Here are some details how to solve this issue.


Error details

In some cases Windows 10 update search fails with error code 0x8024401c. Windows 10 reports:

Update status

Problems occurred when installing updates. We’ll try again later, though. If this error persists and you are looking for information on the web or want to contact support, this error code can be helpful: (0x8024401c).

If you search the web for the error code, you will find a number of hits related to Windows 10 in forums. The first question is what the error code actually means.

I’ve published alread a blog post Microsoft explains WSUS error 0x8024401c in Windows 10 V1607 explaining this error code. Below this error within a WSUS environment will not be covers. But the background explanation about the error code may be helpful.

Error code 0x8024401c stands for WU_E_PT_HTTP_STATUS_REQUEST_TIMEOUT
(Error text ‘Same as HTTP status 408 – the server timed out waiting for the request’). A timeout occurs during the connection between the Windows Update Service and the Microsoft Update Server.

#1: Check Windows for damaged system files

To ensure that no corrupted Windows is the causing update error, you chould check the operating system for damages. I have described the steps within my blog post Check and repair Windows system files and component store. The explanation given within this blog posts are valid for Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 systems.

#2: If this error occurs on a Microsoft Surface

If this error occurs on a Surface Pro, there is a German Microsoft Answers forum post, proposing the following registry change.


1. Launch registry editor regedit.exe via context menu command Run as administrator or proceed the steps within an admin account.

2. Search the following registry key:

3. Search the entry TXAMSDU, double click this entry and change the value from 1 to 0.

The reboot Windows and let Windows Update search again for updates.

#3: Reinstall the network adapter

Within the same German Microsoft Answers forum thread some supporter prosed to deinstall and reinstall the network adapter using device manager (see also here). This should be successful, if the network adapter prevents the connection to the update server due to a faulty network driver.

You can use the article here and here to reset your network in Windows 10. Also this MS Answers forum thread from 2015 deals with this issue. Deactivating the IPv6 protocol was helpful – I guess, due to a faulty driver. But I think, such driver issues should have been resolved in 2017.

#4: Proxy server blocks Update search

In some cases, a proxy server prevents Windows 10 to contact the update server successfully. Within this Windows 8 forum thread a solution that should also work under Windows 10 has been discussed. Open an administrative command prompt windows (enter cmd in the search box and start the command prompt window via context menu command Run as administrator). Then execute the commands listed within the forum post.

How to check these proxy settings is outlined within my blog post Windows Update-Fehler 0x80072EFD (German).

#5: Third party Antivirus software and security suites

It is also important to note that third-party antivirus and security suite packages can set up a proxy server and cause this error. In addition, incorrect filter drivers hooked within the network stack can interfere with the connection to the update server. So either check the proxy settings of this software. Or, uninstall the third-party software and clean the system with a vendor’s Clean Tool.

#6: Reset Update Store

In some cases, resetting the Windows 10 Update Store will also help. The relevant steps are described within my blog post Windows 10: Update error 0x80240437.

#7: Error occurs on Windows Store

Does the error code 0x8024401c occur when downloading apps from the Windows Store? Then press the shortcut Windows+R and type wsreset.exe into the Run dialog box. Then run this command to reset the Windows Store cache. The approach helps only with store problems.

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