Windows 10: Issues with WSUS and Store (V1803)

[German]Windows 10 April Update (version 1803) probably causes issues with the Microsoft Store. And WSUS may have problems rolling out updates for Windows 10 clients. With WSUS it turns out that Microsoft has fixed something and distributed it in the last days.


Trouble with WSUS on Windows 10 clients

I've noticed a few places in the last few days where administrators have been reporting problems with WSUS. It does not provide updates for Windows 10 clients. The first message can already be found on May 9, 2018 as a comment within my German blog.

Does anyone else have the problem that Windows 10 1803 does not report the KB410103721 as required via WSUS but does it report via Windows Update?

At Technet is this furum thread and at is a thread 1803 May cumulative update WSUS fail to detect?. I've noticed also some posts in other German sites.

Win10 1803 is currently not able to get Windows updates from WSUS!

… Edit: 1709 Build 16299.402 is also affected!

Among other things, there is an administrator in the thread who is offered age-old driver updates in WSUS.


Others report that ancient drivers are offered in WSUS. If I have read it correctly, this problem seems to have been solved automatically in the meantime (around May 10th). At least there is some feedback that the WSUS systems have worked with the deployment of updates for Windows 10 clients. Also German blog-reader Markus has posted a comment with hints.


But there are also voices (e.g. at that still reporting issues like no updates (except Office) are offered via WSUS on Windows Server 2012 R2. I also read in the Technet thread that the changes take a very long time or have still not arrived on certain systems. I have not set up WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) to distribute updates in an enterprise environment, so I cannot test anything.

Store Problems with Windows 10 Version 1803

Users who have installed Windows 10 version 1803 (April Update) complain that the Microsoft Store can no longer download new apps. App updates, on the other hand, are still running. German blog reader Martin Blaumeiser writes here that it is associated with update KB4103721:

Update kb4103721 caused the trouble with two of my PCs (desktop & notebook) that the Windows Store became unusable. If you select an app that does not yet exist and click on 'Download', the Store App stops the DL after a fraction of a second, in which the usual progress bar briefly appears – of course without any error messages. Updating existing apps, however, works without problems, even Windows Update. Reinstalling or resetting the Store APP with wsreset or similar does not help.

After the error that with 1803 the content of large folders is often calculated completely wrong – a feature that I need every day – was also not fixed (see comment), I went back to 1709. Banana Ware!

German site believes, a bug in the Store app is responsible (last updated May 9 to version 11804.1001.8.0). Here is a temporary workaround.

  • Launch the Store app and log out of your account. 
  • Then exit and restart the Store app.
  • Then log in again with your user account in Microsoft store app.

Then test whether the Store app works again and allows downloading new apps from the Microsoft Store. The workaround lasts until the next reboot.

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