Windows 10 V1809: NVidia hibernation issue & Edge bug

[German]Today still a small collection of issues around the NVidia graphics driver. It seems to block the sleep mode. In addition, a Geforce Hotfix Driver update corrected a bug that caused the Edge browser to freeze.


NVidia blocks hibernation

The information reached me a few days ago, as blog reader Martin S. (thank you for that) send me an e- mail. I'll post his observation here within the blog. Martin writes me about it:

Windows 10 1809, NVIDIA, hibernation does not work

I wanted to tell you the following fact, which I noticed since the day of the upgrade to Windows 10 1809. I have an MSI notebook with an NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics card. Since the upgrade to Windows 10 1809, the sleep mode no longer works properly. 

  • When I put the notebook to sleep mode (hibernation), everything seems fine.
  • Only when I wake up the notebook something seems to be wrong.

The hard disk LED flashes, but after a few seconds to minutes the notebook restarts. Sometimes there is a blue screen, sometimes it stays off. Sometimes it works to wake up again. 

But it also happens that the recovery works, but the password input field is not available, and you have to restart the notebook manually, because otherwise you can't do anything else. 

After a lot of trial and error, the suspicion that it had to do with the NVIDIA graphics card was confirmed. If I switch the graphics to the Onboard-Intel graphics, the sleep mode works smoothly. If I switch back to the NVIDIA graphics card, the error is back.

I've done some research on the Internet, but I haven't found anything that really goes further. 

Also a new installation of Windows did not help so far. All drivers are completely installed and up-to-date, all Windows updates are installed. Before the upgrade everything ran like clockwork…

I hope you have a tip for me, or know other users with a similar problem.

Within this forum post a user also describes a similar issue with the sleep mode/hibernation of this Windows 10 version. He wrote he has a Nvidia GTX 1080 X2 graphics card. The only suggestion I would have at this point would be to try turning off the quick start.

GeForce Hotfix Driver Update for Edge bug

Under Windows 10 version 1809 there is a problem with the Edge browser when Nvidia graphics cards are present. Microsoft has confirmed the problem in the description for update KB4467708 dated November 13, 2018:

nVidia has notified Microsoft of an issue where Microsoft Edge may crash or hang while playing video. This issue occurs following an nVidia driver update. 

Manufacturer nVidia has released an updated driver (GeForce Hotfix Driver Update) which also fixes this problem. The nVidia support article for the GeForce Hotfix Driver version 417.21 includes the following fixes:

  • Memory Data Rate reporting incorrect value in NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Microsoft Edge does not respond after playing back video
  • Can't apply color format after updating to driver 417.01

The GeForce Hotfix Driver update can be downloaded from the nVidia support article. (via)


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