Windows 10 V1809: hibernation mode won’t work reliable

[German]Here's a description of an issue which was reported to me by a user. The hibernation mode was not usable under Windows 10 V1809. He suspected that NVidia was blocking hibernation, but has now found another cause.


Error description: Hibernation Unusable

German blog reader Martin S. already sent me last year a description of his problem via mail. Martin has an MSI notebook with an NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics card with Windows 10 version 1809. After switching to this Windows version the sleep mode doesn't work properly anymore.

  • When the notebook is put into sleep mode, everything seems to be fine.
  • When the machine wakes up something seems to be wrong. The hard disk LED flickers, but after a few seconds to minutes the notebook reboots.

Martin wrote that sometimes a blue screen occurs during wake up. But sometimes wake up also works properly. However, it also happens that wake up works, but the password input box in the logon screen is not available. This can be fixed by a restart.

Martin told me: "The suspicion that it had to do with the NVIDIA graphics card was confirmed. If I switch the graphics to the Onboard-Intel graphics, the sleep mode works smoothly. If I now switch back to the NVIDIA graphics card, the error is back. I discussed this in more detail within my blog post Windows 10 V1809: NVidia hibernation issue & Edge bug.

Blame the Samsung NVME driver

Now Martin has contacted me again by mail in mid February 2019 and send me an updated status. He wrote:

I came up with the solution by chance today. In the course of my regular update of all software and drivers I noticed that the Samsung NVME driver for my Samsung 960 Pro SSDs has also been updated to 3.1.

After some googling I found this forum post. One user reported that since Windows 10 October update BSODs and issues with waking up from hibernation have occurred. The error message


is mentioned, which I had observed myself.

Now, of course, I hope that this would fix the problem for me as well, even though I had long assumed that the NVIDIA graphics card driver would be the problem. I had written to NVIDIA and they didn't even answer.

But in fact, so far I've tried it several times, the sleep mode works as usual again. I'm just a little surprised that the error didn't occur every time I woke up (only in about 80% of cases) and also that the error only occurred when using the NVIDIA graphics card but not the internal graphics chip.

Perhaps this information will help other patients. My thanks to blog reader Martin for this hint.


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