iOS 13.1.x: Updates and Exchange issues

[German]Apple has already released the updates 13.1.1 and 13.1.2 for iOS 13. As a supplement a short overview as well as hints about bugs in iOS 13.1.1, which I received from blog readers.


Update to iOS 13.1.1 and iOS 13.1.2

The update to iOS 13.1.1 was released by Apple at the end of September 2019 to fix some bugs. Apple had to release bug fix update iOS 13.1.2 a few days later. Arstechnica has an article about that topic.

Issues with iOS 13.1.1

In the meantime, I have received two reports from blog readers reporting problems related to this update.

No more Outlook reminders

German blog reader Tom B. already sent me an email on September 28, 2019 with the note: Since iOS 13.1 Outlook reminders are no longer updated on the iPhone. But it's probably already known. Was not known to me, because I am not up to date regarding iOS 13 anymore. The question: Did iOS 13.1.2 fix this and did someone else experience this?

Trouble with log files on Exchange Server

Yesterday German blog reader Frank M. sent me a mail about another problem with iOS 13.1.1. Frank writes that he came across a very unpleasant problem at work and sent me the following information (I've translated his message):

After some Apple iPhones have upgraded to iOS13.1.1, they cause our Exchange Server 2010 to generate extremely many 1 MB log files (transaction log files), sometimes more than 1 file per second on average!

As a result, over 48,000(!) log files with a size of almost 50 gigabyte(!) were created today alone, and the Exchange server is therefore full (we're talking about almost 40 email mailboxes and a total mailbox database size of around 90 gigabyte, so no extremely large Exchange database.

Frank sent me the following screenshot, which shows the many files in the log folder.


Exchange Log-Files
(Click to zoom)

Frank isn't affected alone. He sent me this link where the problem is discussed in the Technet forum. 

IOS 13 – Return of the IOS 6.1 Problem Quickly Filling Exchange Log Files?

Remember the issue back in 2012-2013 where devices using IOS 6.1 would rapidly fill Exchange Server logs?

Like Poltergeist, they're back.

Upgraded two iPhones and an iPad yesterday to IOS 13.1 and IPadOS 13.1. Suddenly the Exchange log files filled up within 3 hours, where they never fill up during the course of a day. We run a Veeam backup each evening which also resets the logs, but they're now filling up within hours before the evening's backup can run.

Short of denying our Apple users of syncing with the Exchange Server (not an option), what else can we do?

There are other users who confirm the bug – and there is a hint that you should use the Outlook app. If this helps, I don't know – disabling 'Active sync' will definitely stop the log file folders on the Exchange server from filling up.

Frank also sent me the link to this thread at German forum, where users are discussing about bugs in iOS 13.x and some people reported the same. The issue has probably already occurred since iOS 13.1.

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33 Responses to iOS 13.1.x: Updates and Exchange issues

  1. Jeffrey Tarnoff says:

    I've noticed an issue that I haven't seen mentioned yet. When replying or forwarding an email from the native mail app, the replied and forwarded arrows show up fine in the app, but do not appear in Outlook or OWA (this is with Office 365). Has anyone seen this as well?

    • Keith says:

      Yes — I've also seen the reply and forward icons missing in Outlook when the respective action is performed on the phone, very odd but it has to be a bug in the native email app on 13.1.2
      Outlook for iOS works fine, the reply and forward icons appear in Outlook.
      BTW – I'm using Exchange 2016 (CU13) and Outlook 2016 if that helps.

      • Alistair says:

        I have this problem as well and have tried everything. It only started on ios13. If I use the outlook app on iphone then everything works and it syncs everything back to my pc, including the arrows. If I forward or reply from ios mail app then it doesn't show the arrows on my pc in outlook. If I for/reply on my pc then it does sync the arrows to the mail app. Also, all my mail when deleting from the mail app is shown as read on my pc. If I use my personal email then everything syncs normally from mac to phone along with arrows.

    • Louis says:

      We have a bunch of users that are having this sisue as well with the reply/forward icons translating back to their PC outlook or OWA instances. This is not with O365 though rather an Exchange server

  2. ExchangeAdmin says:

    How about upgrading your Exchange servers???

    • guenni says:

      Not sure, whether this is a solution.

      There are several confirmations of the issue from my German blog readers – just follow the link from the begin of the article to obtain details.

      BTW: For most admins it's not an option 'just to upgrade an Exchange Server' after an iOS bug causes issues – just to mentions.

  3. Samuel Jacques says:

    Yes i have the same problem with Office 365.

    And the read and not read not sync with iOS and Exchange.

    • Tim says:

      Same for me. Read/unread doesn't work unless I open and close the same email twice in a row in my phone. Also, if I delete it on my phone I have to close the app and relaunch it then delete it a second time for this to work- as is the case with moving emails to folders on my phone.

      Also forwarding emails generally is cutting off the original email even though my settings are set to include original message.

      I was told to delete my mail accounts and re install which I did. This fixed all issues for about 3 hours then it reverted to the bugged ways again.

      Very frustrating and unprofessional. Some clients have received multiple emails from me as i forget if I have replied or not!

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  5. Jax says:

    Since the upgrade, when I send a message from outlook, it appears twice in my send folder. Only one message is sent though. Everyone I've spoken to at work has the same issue.

    • pacome says:

      Hello Guys,
      Had the same issue with my iPhone Mail App and Exchange.
      If you have any update will be great to share, as few people had the same issue.

    • Schuy says:

      Having the same issue – have no idea how to fix it!

      • Fabio says:

        Same here and I also need to close and restart the mail app quite often to have new incoming messages displayed
        Apple wake up!

  6. Jared says:

    When I forward an email, the senders details and subject line are all there but the email contents is missing. Only started happening on ios13

    • Remy says:


      Same issue here.
      Running Exchange 2013 on premise on our company.
      Duplicates emails in Sent and reply with email content missing.
      Definitely an IOS bug as only IOS 13 customers are impacted.
      If you insist and reply the same email 3 or 4 times, it will eventually show the content.
      I agree that updating Exchange to latest CU is not an option, especially if users on IOS12 are not impacted.

      • dan says:

        same here, body or attachments lost.
        Note that it doesn't happen if messages were originally html and not plain text.
        Do you have a filtering system like Mimecast or other in place?

  7. Remy says:


    No Mimecast or any email filtering.
    I and many customers of my company got the same issue, content lost while forwarding making this not reliable at all.
    Deleting Mail app will solve the issue for 10mn and it will come back.
    It's not linked to Exchange as I could reproduce the issue on a personal phone and an hotmail account. (in fact only Microsoft accounts are affected, no Gmail).
    Issue persists after pushing IOS 13.1.3.

    Already contacted senior advisor at Apple and the only advice was to contact Microsoft.. insane answer.

    Nevertheless, the only workaround we have for the moment is to use Outlook app instead of email which is nasty.
    Does anybody got a premium contract with Microsoft and will be able to contact Microsoft see if something can be done on her side ?

    Many Thanks

  8. andrew says:

    Im still getting issues with 13.1.2 and Exchange sync more than one month will not operate properly, also when i open mail in box is blank and I have to wait for it to populate,
    very annoying, reply to all now sends me an email how silly is that.

  9. Dan G says:

    We upgraded a handful of phones to 13.1.3 hoping the mail issues would be resolved. Still no joy — all issues below still a problem with the mail app paired with O365:

    1. Sent item folder shows 2 copies of sent mail;
    2. Forwarded emails are cut-off/truncated;
    3. Push notification of email non-functional (emails don't appear until mail app is opened)

  10. remy says:

    Just a short one regarding cropped emails content.

    After making billions tests we noticed that cropped issue appears if you try to reply/forward a mail that you just receive and not being read yet (due to IOS13 bug, read emails take several seconds to process)

    If you first read the email, go back to inbox, go back to the email and forward it, content should not be cropped.

    Absolutely not ideal but might be a mitigation to make sure not to send cropped contents while replying to an important email.

    Seems there is a unwanted latency between Mail native App and Exchange.

    I've already followed all Apple Advice, by replacing Push mode by Fetch, but the only mitigation yet is the one described below. (or also install Outlook for Ios which is clearly not ideal for our customers)

    We will continue harassing Apple and see if they eventually acknowledge the bug!
    What a mess!

    • John says:

      I have same issue with my users after iOS 13. I was trying to duplicate the issue before and I couldn't. Now that you mention it. I am able to duplicate the issue. I have upgrade my iPhone 13.2 and issue still persist. When the email first arrive it can be forwarded but once it is forwarded and you want to forward again it will crash the app. If the message is read there is not problem with it. This only affect users who hold the message down when mail arrive then reply/forward without reading it.

  11. daniele says:

    Few more details on truncated forwards:

    – outlook for mac recipients can view it
    -ios 13 recepients can view it
    -outlook win clients who can't view it, do have the full size message in mb rather than an empty message of some kb ( i bet the same on ios12 clients but can't check it).

    So it's rather a "wrapping" issue and not (only?) a lost content due to latency.
    Note that if the original message was html instead of plain text no problems arise.
    Any thought? maybe unicode vs other protocols involved?

  12. Josh says:

    I have had an issue with my calendar not syncing from the exchange server to my native calendar app on my phone, since downloading ios 13. If i add an event from my phone, it will show up on my exchange calendar via a desktop, but it will not push from my exchange account to the native calendar. Does anyone else have this issue? I have tried deleting the account from my phone, resetting network settings, restoring my device, all to no avail. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so did you find a resolution? Apple Support has not been able to fix.

    • Arthur says:

      Yes, I am having exactly the same problem here. Most annoying, since I do rely on my calendar to be up to date for work meetings. Did anyone report this to Apple?

  13. Mel M says:

    Since upgrading to iPhone 11 pro and iOS 13, I am no longer able to search my exchange server emails. It just says no search results when I clearly have emails with that search term in it. Apple can't solve the issue. I'm losing my mind!

  14. Dan G says:

    I suggest everyone from this thread head over to and report these issues. You need sign in with your appleID to report the bug.

  15. R MMM says:

    I am having the same issue as Mel M where I cannot search my Sent emails at all. The emails are visible in the sent folder , but the search functionality shows no emails when you search for a name or subject etc.. I have resorted to using the Outlook app to find them, which is clunky.
    This is so frustrating !!!!

  16. Dennis Gee says:

    Same issues here with iOS 13.1.2, 13.1.3 and even 13.2 Beta 3.

    I have two new iPhone 11 Pro, one is AT&T and the other is SIM Unlocked. Had these email issues on both devices with the above iOS levels, even after performing a full OS load with .ipsw files.

    The truncated message problem is persistent.
    Mail Search mostly functions. Mostly.
    Duplicate Sent Items is a persistent problem.
    And the New Mail Items numeric indicator badge on the Mail app will show new mails waiting, but then the Mail app itself will not load those messages until you open the App.

    Not a life or death problem, but we have some employees with the temperament of rabid chihuahuas (not the cute and cuddly kind). They see an indication of 4 new emails, open the mail app and no new mails are displayed until they either close and reopen the mail app or pull down the mail screen to force a "refresh". That forced refresh done several times will sometimes cause Exchange Server (or Office365 accounts) to lock out for 10-15 minutes.

    This has reached the point where I am strongly considering buying a few Samsung phones for people to carry and try in place of our iPhone 11 Pros. Love the iPhone Hardware, but iOS 13 has been terrible in terms of the Mail App.

    I reported the details of my experience in an Apple Feedback Assistant ticket to Apple. Hope they respond, but I am happy I came across this website and see its not just "our problem".

  17. remy remy says:

    I noticed a new issue today.

    Draft folder if you are running Exchange 2013, will no longer save.

    Also, Draft folder will eventually disappear.

    I saw a workaroud, by opening a photo, send it as mail, cancel it, save as draft and folder will come back.

    Only impacting IOS 13, ONCE AGAIN.

    Last but not least, Apple closed my ticket regarding issue with Mail content cropped, duplicate sent item and so on.

    Saying that I need to get an Apple Care + for Enterprise to get support.

    I can't describe my anger/frustration against Apple at the moment. totally unprofessional/disappointing.

  18. ju says:

    In my case, exchange contact issue is solved with white space after name!!!!! (13.1.3)

  19. guenni says:

    Since Apple has released iOS 13.2 (see), maybe the bugs are fixed? I can't test anything, because I have no more Apple devices which are still in support.

  20. Jan says:

    How to Solve your Draft Issue

    Have been an hour with Apple Care, they did saw the problem, but said Contact your exchange Admin. Total NOOBS at Apple and they won't take your BUG seriously.
    They sell millions of iPhones each year why should they listen to a guys with 800 iPhones in a company

    Other issues mentioned here are also complains. Forwarded email are empty, unread email, asking for Apple ID every day, problems with Bluetooth and cars etc etc.

    What amazes me the most is that we get at everey update more and more emoticons, Yeah that is what we want, we don't want to solve our bugs we want new fancy emoticons. NOt

    APPLE go fix bugs in 13.3. i Expect an update in two weeks with NEW Emoticons

  21. Xxx says:

    Unable to attach files lower than 1mb in owa from OneDrive after updating iOS to 13

  22. rosemary smith says:

    I'm having problem forwarding a message but it won't forward content sometimes it does but more times not when I get a reply that says "nothing attached". Now I'm seeing two of the same message.

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