Acronis True Image: Root cause for Backup settings issue

Amazon[German]Users of Acronis True Image (ATI), who use the product for backup, recently experienced a problem that the software forgot the backup settings. Now Acronis has provided the explanation.


In retrospect: The lost ATI settings (Oct. 2019)

In October 2019, blog reader Martin K. informed me about an issue with Acronis True Image (ATI). The issue resulted in large parts of the settings in the backup jobs being reset to default values. Martin referred to some posts in the Acronis forum where users are discussiong the issue. One user wrote here:

Just noticed that on all of my multiple versions of True Image 2020 running on different PCs had lost some of their backup options concerning the notification settings yesterday and thus no reports had arrived concerning the daily backups. All other settings were fine. I have set them up again. Lets see if it happens again.

Other users and blog readers also posted their experiences. Details can be found in the blog post Acronis True Image is loosing settings since Oct. 2019.

Cause: Blame the cloud, issues in a data center

Yesterday the blog readers Martin K. and Dekre informed me by mail (thanks for that) that the cause of the problem is finally known, because Acronis has sent an official statement by mail. The message informs customers about a problem in Acronis Data Center that occurred on October 22, 2019. This issue related to the cloud components of Acronis True Image (ATI). Here is an excerpt from this mail.

Dear customer,

We would like to inform you about an incident that occurred as a result of a recent update in an Acronis Data Center. On October 22, 2019 a software update was launched in a data center that contained cloud components of Acronis True Image Service. This update has resulted in re-indexing of the service data on the servers.

This re-indexing corrupted the backup schedule script in Acronis True Image, which in turn caused incorrect interpretation of the backup settings in the product. More precisely:

The re-indexing triggered a new request from the online dashboard listing machines being backed up. This request was sent to the "mms_mini" service running on local machines, which informs the dashboard about the status of backup plans. Some of the backup plans may have changed their backup settings because they were misinterpreted by the Online Dashboard.

Although only internal Acronis True Image files were affected by this incident, Acronis says it may have caused the following problems:

  • Some of the backup settings were reset to the program's default values
  • Some backups that use the .tib format have created .metadata files in addition to the normal .tib files

Acronis claims to have taken measures to prevent the spread of the problem. However, if you are affected by one of these problems, you can read more detailed information about remedies in this KB article. As a further precaution, Acronis recommends that customers download and install the latest product updates.


Affected customers will receive a 70% discount from the company for an upgrade to Acronis True Image 2020.

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