Outlook: June 2020 updates and PST issues?

[German]Do the security updates released by Microsoft in June 2020 cause issues with corrupted Outlook PST files? Is it because of the updates for Windows or Office?


I'm going to post the observation Susan Bradley made on askwoody.com here on the blog for discussion.

Damaged PST files in Outlook

On askwoody.com, a user points out that after the June 2020 Patchday Outlook users suddenly have problems accessing their mail archives. In the English version, Outlook will be reporting:

Something is wrong with one of your data files and Outlook needs to close…

So Outlook cannot access the data. In this Microsoft Answers forum thread someone posted the following screenshot.

Outlook Profile error
(Outlook error, Source: Microsoft)

There are other users there who confirm the problem. Another thread can be found here on Microsoft Answers. Using a repair tool did not help, just like calling Outlook in safe mode.


In the technet forum there is this post about the problem, where it is discussed that PST files on network shares are always good for trouble. I think that's not the problem here though, because it also occurs on locally stored profiles.

It is also unclear whether it is an Office or Windows update from June 9, 2020, which is causing the trouble. In this comment here in the blog someone points out various problems, among others Outlook can no longer attachments, in connection with a Windows update.

Delete registry entries

In the technet forum there is this entry about the issue. A possible solution for some users seems to be to run the repair tool. Here the procedure (see also here):

1.  Launch the registry editor regedit.exe via the start menu search.

2. Navigate to the following key, delete the specified entries to force a repair.

The key to navigate to specifies the PST folder for Outlook – here the variant for Outlook 16.0:


If there is the value:

"LastCorruptStore"="C:\\Users\\user.REDMOND\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Outlook\\*** Email address is removed for privacy ***"

this is to be deleted. If the 32-bit DWORD value PromptRepair exists in the key, it must also be deleted or set to 0.

(Outlook registry entries, Aource: Microsoft)

In this thread you will find the screenshot above, which shows the entries concerned. After deleting the values, the Outlook client must be closed and restarted. One user reported that this approach was successful. Final question: Anyone affected? Are there any further findings.

Addendum: After I've published the German and Englisch blog posts, Microsoft released this support article on June 25, 2020. The article contains the same workaround. This issue is fixed in Monthly Channel Version 2005 Build 12827.20470 and higher. To install the fixed build from Outlook select File, Office Account, Update Options, Update Now.

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