PowerToys 0.19.1 with bug fixes (change log)

[German]Since July 7, 2020, Microsoft has rolled out version 0.19.1 of PowerToys for Windows 10 users. This is a maintenance update which should fix several bugs.


I had announced the release of the PowerToys update in the article PowerToys 0.19.1 announced, but I haven't had time to add the changes in detail yet. In the meantime Clint Rutkas has confirmed the release of PowerToys 0.19.1.

These tools are free of charge and offer additional features for Windows 10. version 0.19.1 was released on 7.7.2020.

PowerToys 0.19.1 change log

The new version of the PowerToys fixes at least six individually mentioned bugs. Here's the list from the change log on GitHub.

  • WinKey for PT Run throws a lot of false positives
  • FancyZones: When "Hold Shift key" is deactivated, Shift key should deactive FancyZones
  • [Run] Search text not updating on up/down navigation
  • Mitigated the race condition in os detection
  • Memory leak in PT Run
  • Fix remapped shortcuts not getting activated in succession

During the tests, Rutkas discovered that the settings cannot be opened after closing if the window has been minimized to the taskbar in the meantime. This bug will be fixed in the upcoming version 0.20. 


The new version should be updated via auto update, but can also be downloaded and installed from GitHub.

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