Edge 91.0.864.37: "Specific Page" won't load at startup

Edge[German]Microsoft's latest Edge update is causing trouble for users because a bug has crept in. Users can no longer set a start page that Edge automatically loads on startup. The browser simply ignores all settings in the Edge 91.0.864.37 version. Addenum: It seems to be a nasty feature.


Edge 91.0.864.37

As of May 27, 2021, Microsoft has released Chromium Edge 91.0.864.37. The update fixes various vulnerabilities that have already been fixed in Google Chrome. I had pointed out this update in the blog post Edge 91.0.864.37. Various websites reported faster browser startup and sleeping tabs (see here).

In version 91, the Chromium browser is supposed to be based on a new core process running permanently in the background, which runs under Windows even when the browser is closed. Microsoft emphasized during the presentation that the new background process, the so-called "Startup Boost", does not block or usurp any relevant resources and is only intended to make the web browser start much faster in the future.

"Specific Page" settings are ignored

Shortly after the Edge 91.0.864.37 blog post was published, the first users reported that the default start page no longer works in the new browser. German user Tim B. writes here.

I don't know about others, but after updating to the above mentioned version, the setting "On startup" -> "Open specific page" is completely ignored, an empty tab is opened at browser startup despite this marked setting. This is of course very annoying to manually open the desired start page every time. Does the Microsoft update horror of Windows 10 now also start with the Edge browser?

This behavior was confirmed by other users in the blog. Users who complain about this behavior also report in the German Computerbase article about Edge 91:

Do you constantly open a new extra tab? Annoying with every external link when the Edge opens an additional tab.

And another user writes in a follow-up comment:

I've only had this since the update. I deactivated all extensions to see if this is the reason, but it is not.
I don't have this in the portable version, only in the installed one. Very strange.
Edit: So times settings reset and fits again everything so far.
Unfortunately it didn't help. Again an extra tab when opening.

Also the English version has the same behavior is noted at Thurrot in this post:


Edge 91 Won't Load My "Specific Page" at Startup

I have always had Edge set to load a specific page on startup, rather than the "new tab" page, but with Edge 91, it always starts up to the "new tab" page, regardless of the "on startup" – "specific page" setting. Tried suspending any extensions, with the same result.

Tested with a clean profile, and the specified page DID load at startup, along with a "new tab".

Then tested with the "continue where you left off" setting, which also appeared to work on my original profile, with an added "new tab".

Odd behavior.

Anyone else seeing this?

Addendum: The colleagues at Bleeping Computer have also addressed this here (there's a thread in Techcommunity and at Wilder Security as well).

That's odd, each update breaks something, so let's say: Edge = TaaS (Trouble as a service). Not a workplace environment, I asked for. BTW: I still work with Windows 7 SP1 and 2nd year ESU support. I've had installed Edge for a short time to test the browser, but uninstalled that thing. Until now I still receive Edge updates via Windows Update. So it seems, Microsoft also didn't manage to cleanly remove Edge from a Windows system.

Workaround, to bypass a feature

Addendum: I haven't tested it yet, but feedback from readers is, that group policy still works to set the default start page for some users. See also this article about how to set a start page.

And I reveived this comment within my German blog, which is pointing to a special circumstance:

I have the same problem. Two different computers are affected. I have noticed that when I set Bing as the search engine, my home page is called up as before. With other search engines not.

But some users sayed, that it doesn't work. But there is another thing you can try: Reset Edge to default settings. Does this fix the issue? I guess, it's a bug or something else that's conflicting.

So, in best case: It's not a bug, it's a (nasty) feature. Will we see soon the next case of competition authorities against Microsoft?

Addenum: The issues has been fixed, see the last link within the article list below.

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14 Responses to Edge 91.0.864.37: "Specific Page" won't load at startup

  1. Ted Cawston says:

    Yes, I am in the UK and the same thing.

    Version 91.0.864.37 (Official build) (32-bit)

  2. Marcus1571 says:

    Happens to me too :-(

    Version 91.0.864.37 (Official build) (64-bit)

  3. Jempy says:

    Same problem here. I do not login with an account, but noticed Edge uses Profile 2. The setting "continue from last session" still works. Using my own specified startup pages not, whatever I try. I reset Edge, reinstalled it, made Bing the default search engine, but nothing works. I refuse to set the startup pages via a policy. As this is the third time I lost my startup pages in Edge, it's goodbye to Edge.
    It wasn't my main browser anyway. So I set Dissenter and Opera as my alternative browsers with Brave as the main browser.

  4. Advertising

  5. Rick Gregory says:

    "Nasty Feature" for MS to tell its users to go pound sand – They are now acting as a dictator on what the default Home Screen is, or the default Search Engine is?
    So much for freedom and liberty

  6. Steve Krantz says:

    Same here in the USA Edge Version 91.0.864.37

  7. Rick Gregory says:

    If this is how MS wants to act… I just canceled them. I made Firefox my default browser.

  8. Patricia Parro says:

    Same problem here in English version

  9. Dennis Main says:

    I have the same "feature issue" and it is messing with my work flow as I am sitting down with customers. I have confirmed that the specific site pages are still listed.

    I will no longer use Edge and have begun to switch to competitors. I am uninstalling or disabling Edge all together.

  10. Bas says:

    Yes same situation here.

    This bug (?) is happening when Bing is *not* the standard search engine, in the address bar.
    Workaroud: go to Settings> Privacy, search… scroll all down > Addressbar and search … change it to Bing (recommended)
    Now you can start Edge start with a specific page and (in my case Duckduckgo.com) and it is going to stay that way.
    In my case I have Google attached to my home (start) button > Settings > Display the start button > specify which site or search engine you want to see here, when you click on it.

    So, my standard search engine is Duckduckgo and the other one Google. (Home button)

    However as soon as you open a new *tab* Bing is still there ….

  11. Ed Pyle says:

    Does anyone know if Microsoft intends to fix this "On Startup" problem?

    • guenni says:

      Got the feedback from German blog readers, that its fixed automatcally. Think, it's a server side thing.

  12. Dave H says:

    A user over on AskWoody suggested loading the following link in Edge and changing it from Default to Disabled – edge://flags/#edge-show-feature-recommendations. I did try it and my original Homepage came back when opening Edge. Edge is not my default browser nor is Bing, my search engine.

  13. Please clean up your own mess says:

    Edge has a clear setting: startup/continue where you left off – PERIOD.
    This setting is obviously broken Edge, so please fix it so that the setting will work again.

    We will not be digging around in those 'group policy edits' and we do not wish to ever 'continue running apps in the background'.

    We left Chrome and came here because we were told that you guys don't have your users constantly dealing with crap like this. What began as a pleasant and refreshing departure from chrome has become chrome all over again, only with the name edge.

    If we are mistaken and this issue lies with us, please tell us where we went wrong.

    • guenni says:

      Emm … you aware, that this is neither Edge nor Microsoft, it's just a private blog?

      So you can write your words on the wall just opposide to you – it will have the same effect.

      BTW: Users who are having privacy concerns, don't use Edge nor Chrome, they are using the Chromium clone Ungoogled for instance.

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