Windows 10: Edge browser bugs and annoying popups

Edge[German]Recently version 91 of the Chromium Edge browser was released by Microsoft to catch up with the Chromium development version level. With Chromium Edge version 91, Microsoft has not only elevated the browser to a new development branch, but also managed to alienate people again with bugs and especially annoying pop-ups.


I had pointed out the update of the Microsoft Edge browser to the new development branch in the blog post Edge 91.0.864.37. This update closes a number of vulnerabilities in older browser versions.

But the bugs …

Shortly after I published the German article about the new Edge update, feedback indicates, that the setting of the start pages no longer worked. A start page setting was ignored and an empty tab was opened (see my blog post Edge 91.0.864.37: "Specific Page" won't load at startup). Currently, the reason for this behavior is still not quite clear – there are several suggestions to fix the issue within my blog post, but they don't work for everyone. And I got feedback within the last hours, that the issue has been fixed automatically (seems, it was a server-side fix).

The colleagues from Bleeping Computer mention in this article that some users miss the + symbol in the header of the browser. Then it is no longer possible to open a new tab with a mouse click. This can be fixed by resetting Edge if necessary (possible via the burger menu in the upper left corner of the browser window). There is a thread on where users complain about an ugly scrollbar that appears on empty tabs at certain resolutions.

Annoying Edge 91 popup

I deliberately didn't notice it myself, but regular Edge users reported the next flaw at pretty soon. The user comment is clear:

Yo, Microsoft. Edge is cool, but this is not. First you piss me off with the "Search Bing in sidebar" bullshit that can't be turned off, now this. I might go back to Chrome or find another Chromium browser. I don't need your assistance.

The colleagues at Bleeping Computer have also addressed it in this post. A new Microsoft Edge pop-up window is displayed at startup. There, the user is asked if he wants to "Use recommended browser settings".


Use recommended browser settings

Edge is supposed to be used as the default browser and Bing as the default search engine (see screenshot above). It is the old trick: Microsoft tries to impose its view of the world on the users. The popup dialog can be closed via the close button x visible in the upper left corner. However, the pop-up then reappears the next time the program is started. Only those who confirm the default settings and accept Edge and Bing as defaults will be spared in the future.

Flags im Edge 91

At somebody posted a hint, how to remove that annoying popup. Just type edge://flags in the URL field of the Edge window. Then search for Show features and workflow recommendations in the search field (the first few letters are enough). Then set the list box on the right edge of the option to Disabled.

Addenum: The issues has been fixed, see the last link within the article list below.

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