Windows: Were there issues with CET daylight saving time changeover in 2022?

Windows[German]A brief question for European reader about an issue, which has become almost a running joke here on the blog: Did Windows 10/Windows 11 switch correctly to European summer time (daylight saving time) on Saturday night (26/27 March 2022)? I've just come across a hint that Windows 11 might have been a bit buggy.


I briefly checked my Windows 7 system – the whole thing was switched cleanly and correctly to daylight saving time 2022. But blog reader Karl has just informed me on Twitter via this tweet that he has noticed problems on several systems.

Issues with Windows 10/11 daylight time

Karl runs a lab with some Windows systems for testing. In the above tweet he writes that two out of three Windows 11 Windows Insider systems with build 19592  were introduced at 3 a.m. instead of 2 a.m. Well, they are Insider Preview builds, so you shouldn't be so precise about the time and other functions.

But Karl also writes that one in three Windows 10 version 1909 systems was set to 1 o'clock instead of 2 o'clock. And that certainly affects systems that are still running productively. Karl states in a follow-up tweet that he has seen similar reports in the Feedback Hub. He had to disable and re-enable automatic time synchronisation to get a correct time displayed.

Issues with Windows 10/11 daylight time


In the above tweet, he asks whether similar reports are known in Europe. I haven't come across anything from the readership yet – but the topic has been running through the blog for years. The last time I reported on this topic was in the article Windows 10: Issues with daylight saving time switch in 2021? – at that time, Windows 11 did not yet exist. At that time, several people were affected. Martin (Dr. Windows) gave the following (not entirely serious) feedback on Twitter.

The automatic time setting in Windows 10/11 is basically broken. On a new device, the time is never correct until you switch the automatic system off and on again. In this respect, this is expected behaviour.

So here's a question for you: Has anyone noticed any problems and is there an explanation for the fact that Windows has been broken in this respect for years? And since the US has abolished the summer/winter time changeover, I don't expect any improvement in the future.

While searching, I found the support article Error in Date value at beginning of DST in certain time zones from January 2022 for developers. It describes a problem with the JavaScript date function, which returns wrong values during the daylight saving time changeover. But this case doesn't seem to fit me so exactly – unless they use JavaScript in the settings page to generate the date and perform the DST changeover.

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