Windows, Office: May 2022 Patchday issues and mysteries

Update[German]Microsoft has released various security updates for Windows, Office, Net etc. on May 10, 2022. While relatively few problems were fixed by these updates, some users seem to have problems with the update installation or afterwards. Affected is for example Windows 11, where the error 0xc0000135 occurs. Here is a collective article, which may be extended, what I have noticed.


Update KB5013943 for Windows 11

The cumulative update KB5013943 for Windows 11 causes a couple of errors, which I briefly address below.

Error caused by update KB5013943 for Windows 11: Error 0xc0000135

Cumulative update KB5013943 for Windows 11 causes error 0xc0000135 for several users. I encountered the first message here.

For the first time, a Windows update totally destroyed my productivity. I had no issues with .exe files but now I do. I removed the Windows update but when I restarted my PC, it was back.

The error I receive is: 0xc0000135, which means there is no .NET Framework installed on PC but it's not true.

In this German comment, a blog reader points to another description that deals with the same issue. The reader wrote:

It seems 22000.675 is bricking PowerShell. Error code 3221225781 (0xc0000135). In a forum there are already reports about this – seems to be Net 3.5 related.

The problem is described in more detail and with troubleshooting options in the article Windows 11: Update KB5013943 results in application error 0xc0000135.

Addendum: There is a thread at claiming that also Windows 10 is affected, update KB5013942 may breaks the event viewer. And I found within this thread a post, where a user claimed deleted data – whaterver it means.

Update KB5013943: Error APC_INDEX_MISMATCH

In a private message on Facebook, a user informed me that he receives the stop error APC_INDEX_MISMATCH after installing the Windows 11 update KB5013943. The cause of this stop error is usually incompatible drivers. From the lameng I guess printer drivers, because Windows 11 has its problems there (see also Windows 10: Still printing issues after update installation (March 2021).


Update KB5013943 causes issues with Sophos driver

Update KB5013943 for Windows 11 may cause BlueScreens when using Sophos antivirus solutions. Sophos has since released an update for the causing driver (see Windows 11 Update KB5013943 drops BSODs and causes issues with Sophos driver).

No fix for Windows Server 2022 RDS bug

Windows Server 2022 administrators using the Remote Desktop Gateway may be facing the problem that the security and preview updates distributed since March 2022 break the required roles. I had covered the current status of this issue in the blog post Windows Server 2022: RDS bug (RDCB role broken) caused by KB5011497, not fixed in May 2022.

Susan Bradley confirmed in this comment that she can still recreate the problem on a test system.  In the English-language blog, an administrator writes that he lost the RD Session deployment on two customer systems. He then tried a new deployment with the following command:

New-RDSessionDeployment -ConnectionBroker "RDS.DOMAIN.LOCAL" -WebAccessServer "RDS.DOMAIN.LOCAL" -SessionHost "RDS.DOMAIN.LOCAL"

After that he was able to add the Licensing Server in the Server Manager again (licenses remained) and configure the collection.

Installation errors 0x8024200B and 0x800F0831 fixed?

In the blog post Windows Update KB5012599: Microsoft plans fix for install error 0x8024200B and 0x800F0831  I had discussed installation errors during an update. This is supposed to be fixed in the current updates – can anyone confirm this?

Windows 10: Error due to update KB5013942

Das kumulative Update KB5013942 für Windows 10 20H2-21H2 (Patchday: Windows 10-Updates (10. Mai 2022)) führt bei einigen Systemen zu schwarzen Bildschirmen oder einem Installationsfehler 0x800f0988.

Windows 10: Update errror 0x800f0988

There are some reports that the update KB5013942 for Windows 10 20H2-21H2 fails during installation with the error code 0x800f0988. The comment here describes this installation error. This German deskmodder comment also mentions the error.

This error code stands for PSFX_E_INVALID_DELTA_COMBINATION, which I covered in the blog post Windows 10: KB4551762 causes error 0x800f0988/0x800f0900. Microsoft suggests for error code 0x800f0988 in this support post deleting the startup components via dism command:

dism /online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup

The error already occurred with the April 2022 preview update (see Windows 11 Preview Update KB5012643 (April 25, 2022)). On German site there is this post, where the installation error 0x800F0988 is mentioned. A repair installation via Inplace-Upgrade may help.

Black screen after update KB5013942

There are single reports, like the comment on, in which users are having login issues. The process takes a long time and can end in a black desktop. The problem is confirmed there by several affected people.

802.1x Certificate Problems on DCs and NPS Servers

In my German blog there is this discussion about problems with 802.1x certificates after patching domain controllers and NPS servers.  Michael writes about this:

Yes, I have the NPS running here with computer certificates.

With the update KB5013941 no authentications can be performed due to certificates (Error 16, Authentication failed due to a user credentials mismatch. Either the user name provided does not map to an existing user account or the password was incorrect).

After uninstalling the update, the NPS works again.

The Microsoft Network Monitor returns the Kerberos error: KRB_ERROR – KDC_ERR_C_PRINCIPAL_UNKNOWN (6), where this was detected on Windows Server 2012 R2. No solution is currently known – but seems to be a broader error. Now a first suggestion has been added as a comment to solve the issue.

On Facebook I received the following comment from Marcel: We are already having problems with NPS and 802.1x since last month. We search and search and can't find anything. Does anyone here know what? that possibly already since last month errors occur? Pretty much around 04/14 it started. After the April Patch Day.

Separate SSU KB5014032 for Windows 10 21H2 shipped

Blog-Leser Markus k.Blog reader Markus k. pointed out to me in an email that the Servicing Stack Update KB5014032 for Windows 10 20H2-21H2 in May 2022 has been offered separately at his place (probably in WSUS). Normally, after all, the SSU is already integrated in the cumulative update. Something is up, so Microsoft offers the SSU separately for the client, so that they can be updated to the latest SSU version in any case.

Visual Studio 2022 17.2 update hangs

Microsoft has released an update for Visual Studio 2022 to version 17.2. But users outside of the USA are facing issues with updating Visual Studio. In the Visual Studio section of Microsoft, a user describes the following problem:

Visual Studio Installer "Checking for updates" endlessly

  • I started Visual Studio Installer and it kept "Checking for updates".
  • I re-booted my machine, same issue
  • I downloaded a fresh copy of Visual Studio Installer, now the installer starts and it is stuck on "Getting things ready…"

The installer for Visual Studio checks endlessly for updates. The bug is confirmed by other users. The cause is probably that the update server in the USA is not accessible. A workaround is to either use a VPN connection for US access, or to apply the workaround described here by entering an IP in the hosts file. Reader Harald's advice: Just sit it out until updates work again.

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