Microsoft Edge shows a Chrome survey instead of download

Edge[German]Microsoft has come up with a new twist for Windows users who dare to search for a Google Chrome download in the Edge browser. Instead of simply displaying the download pages, those interested in Chrome are shown a rather pointless survey (poll) to fill out.


Every Windows 10 and Windows 11 system is shipped with Microsoft's Edge browser (a Chromium clone) pre-installed from Microsoft. If a user wants to switch to Google Chrome (or one of its clones), it's not a problem – in normal environments. Just enter the term "Google Chrome" in the current browser, go to the Google Chrome download page, download the installer and have the new browser set up – done.

But in the Microsoft universe, it's a bit different. I had already outlined in various blog posts – there were popups asking if you would rather stay with Edge, or other harassment. Now there's a new strike, which mentioned first in this blog post. As soon as people go to the Google Chrome download page in the Edge browser, a sidebar pops up with a survey (see the following screenshot from

Edge Poll before Chrome download
Edge Poll for Chrome download; Source:

In the sidebar, Microsoft wants to know why you want to use a different browser instead of Microsoft Edge. I took a look at the survey items – unfortunately, there's nothing like "I'd like to finally get rid of this crap". You would have to sort your opinion under "Is not listed here as a reason". In my eyes, it's simply chicanery disguised as a "poll". Although to be fair, Chrome does download with the survey window open.

How I miss the days when we longed for the "best browser" – must have been Internet Explorer 4, 5 or 6. It's been a long time – today I don't even touch Microsoft Edge with a pinch of my hand, but have Ungoogled Chromium as my browser on my Windows 10 machines.


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  1. Chris Pugson says:

    Microsoft sinks ever lower.

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