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AMD CPUs (from 2011) vulnerable to side channel attacks

[German]Most AMD processors, which has been introduced since 2011, are vulnerable to side channel attacks, as security researchers have now revealed in a new study. Advertising

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Google and Microsoft unveil Spectre V4 CPU vulnerability

[German]Microsoft and Google have jointly disclosed a new CPU vulnerability on May 21, 2018. This vulnerability is comparable to the Meltdown and Spectre weaknesses discovered at the beginning of the year. Advertising

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Intel: No Microcode Updates for some older CPUs

[German]Intel has stopped developing microcode updates to close the meltdown vulnerability for older CPUs. This can be seen in the latest Intel Microcode Update Guidance revision. Advertising

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Design flaw in Intel CPUs set operating systems at risk

[German]A design flaw in existing Intel x86 CPUs seems to have serious implications for all operating systems running on these CPUs. The Linux kernel has already been patched. But what about Windows and other operating systems running on these CPUs? … Continue reading

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