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Windows security updates against Intel silicon vulnerabilities (March 2, 2023)

[German]Microsoft has released special updates for Windows versions still in support on March 2, 2023. These are supposed to fix vulnerabilities (Speculative Execution Control and side-channel attacks) in Intel's CPUs. These vulnerabilities in Intel processors have been known since last … Continue reading

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Windows 10: Intel WiFi/Bluetooth driver update fixes BSOD/Wi-Fi issues

[German]If any of you Windows 10 users are suffering from BlueScreen crashes and have an Intel WLAN/Bluetooth component on board, there may be a solution. Intel has released an update for its WiFi/Bluetooth driver to version 22.30.0, which is supposed … Continue reading

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How to find weak passwords in Active Directory and eliminate them with PowerShell

[Sponsored Post]Weak or compromised passwords are a known gateway for attackers. If you are able to identify which users in Active Directory (AD) are threatened by this, then PowerShell can help to remedy it. However, PowerShell scripts cannot eliminate basic AD deficits, other tools are needed for this. More ...

Intel Graphics driver security updates and

[German]Intel has released Intel Graphics driver version and for Windows 7, 8 and 10. The driver fixes some bugs and also some (undetailled) vulnerabilities. Details and release notes may be found on the linked Intel pages. (via) Advertising

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Intel Driver Support Assistant (DSA) drops scan error

[German]A German blog reader recently contacted me by mail and reported issues with the Intel Driver Support Assistant during scanning. I decided to publish a small blog post about it. Advertising

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Windows 10: Intel DCH graphics driver from version onward without OEM lock

[German]Intel released version of its DCH graphics driver for Windows 10 without the OEM binding. The drivers can therefore be used on devices with corresponding INTEL-GPUs. Advertising

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Intel Security Advisories (April 14, 2020)

[German]Intel has published several security advisories about vulnerabilities in products in the Product Security Center on April 14, 2020. This ranges from drivers to NUC firmware and also includes product discontinuations. Advertising

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New LVI LFB vulnerability discovered in Intel CPUs

[German]The newly discovered vulnerabilities in CPUs continue. Intel is again affected after security researchers discovered vulnerabilities in CPUs that allow data theft.  Advertising

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Vulnerability in ‘Intel x86 Root of Trust’

[German]All Intel CPUs released in the past five years contain an unfixable flaw, that affects the 'Intel x86 Root of Trust'. Intel tried to patch to lessen the damage of exploits. But security researcher say that's not enough to protect … Continue reading

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Intel Security Advisories (February 11, 2020)

[German]On February 11, 2020, Intel published several security advisories on vulnerabilities in products in the Product Security Center. These range from Intel® RAID Web Console 3 (RWC3) for Windows to USB drivers. There will be no more updates for some … Continue reading

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Intel Releases Security Updates (July 9, 2019)

[German]Intel has released several security updates on July 9, 2019 to fix vulnerabilities in Intel Solid State Drives for Data Centers and Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool. One of the vulnerabilities is rated as high. Advertising

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